I am fed up with tyrannical cops

There is a trend these days among the police to use tasers against anyone who does not immediately do whatever the cop demands. Argue back? Get tasered. Demand your rights be respected? Get tasered. Having a seizure? Get tazed. Don’t jump high enough, or squat low enough, and the cop takes out his cattle probe and gives you a little attitude adjustment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re eight or eighty, cops are using tasers not as they were intended, as a substitute for deadly force, but as a general do-as-I-say enforcement tool. And in cases where public outrage forces the authorities to grudgingly conduct a mock inquiry, invariably the department (which is merely investigating itself!) comes back with a determination that “the officer was within department guidelines”; no harm - no foul. And the low ranking tyrant is encouraged to do it again to someone else.

There are two websites that consistently monitor police misconduct: The War on Guns by David Codrea, and Pro Libertate by Will Grigg. I urge everyone reading this to start paying attention to incidents of police thuggery, and resist the temptation (from years of indoctrination) to support the police no matter what.

Here’s an example where a Texas cop tasers a 72 year old woman – because she doesn’t bow down and become sheep-like in demeanor. The sites I’ve listed above detail behavior like this from every corner of the nation.

Here's another example: How about a cop that tasers and then shoots a small boy's Chihuahua!

Friends, our forefathers deeply feared a standing army and the oppression it would bring. Well the standing army we are saddled with today - has badges. And they are every bit as tyrannical as anything ole King George could have ever dreamed of.


Rio Arriba said...

Interesting post.

Seems to me I am seeing a lot of pictures of cops, in ads and in the "news", when they are dressed up like Star Wars troopers— all black, Vader-masked, gloves, elbow and knee pads and usually holding a full-auto weapon at the ready. A self-fulfilling image?

I'm a dog person and that chihuahua story really yanks my chain. The official version just doesn't add up. I think those two cops are lying bastards. But of course they will get off scot free because they were "within regulations."

GunRights4US said...

You raise a relevant point about the black attire and masks. I am adamantly opposed to law enforcement being allowed to cover their faces. Behave and you shouldn’t have to cover your face. And if the "risk" is too much, then find another line of work.

Will Grigg's book Liberty in Eclipse is an excellent expose' of the ongoing militarization of our police. I highly recommend it.

idahobob said...

Well, ya know, here a while back, since we became so fed up the the gestapo abusing citizens, the Memsahib and I have decided, if we are so fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of any, badge toting, steroid inflated, jack booted, low I.Qed, troglodyte, tazering, beating or any other wise abusing a fellow citizen, we can and will intervene, and if necessary, with extreme prejudice.

I would encourage everyone to get off of their dead asses and do the same.

This crap must stop, NOW. The only way that it will stop is if we ALL become "pro-active".


The Other Mike S. said...

It just amazes me with the amount of, "Oooops, my bad" we get when someone is killed or maimed because of a screw up. You or I do it, and we're toast. A "properly trained" LEO does it and it's generally no more than a slap on the wrist.

GunRights4US said...

When they SHOULD be held to a higher standard, they are instead held to a much lesser standard!

And they wonder why they're so hated?