Comments on the passing scene

Michael Jackson is dead (and children everywhere are safer as a result)

and my paycheck will be the same.

Farrah Fawcett is dead

and American troops are still facing death in Iraq and Afghanistan

Meanwhile, our Imperial Rulers are involved in a vote on Cap & Tax that if passed WILL bring a reduction in everyone’s standard of living, and serve to weaken America even further.

But how many Americans even know that? How many care?

…and the world goes on.


Diogenes said...

Many care but are scraping by now so "haven't the time" to dedicate to fighting the fools on the hill.

Sadly the media has much to play in this debacle we call politics. They make it easy for those in power to play the smoke and mirrors game.

GunRights4US said...

If we're just scraping by now, how much worse is it going to be as his evil policies come to fruition?

MikeH. said...

And this is exactly why the "fools on the hill" are going to win. What does it take to anger a nation to action?

GunRights4US said...

The whole concept of slowly boiling the frog comes to mind. Raise the water temp too fast and the frog jumps out. But raise it slowly - as the gubmint is currently doing - and we the people just keep swimming along - til we are nicely boiled.

What indeed DOES it take to anger a nation enough to rise up? We know the answer for Iran. But what about America?

Anonymous said...

If that cap and trade thing passes we are well and truly screwed. It will cost the average American family (average working family, anyway) over $3000 a year in additional energy costs.

"Oh, Lawd! He dead! Michael be dead!"

Well, that's the first good news I've had all week.

T. Paine said...

Iran is rising up because of claimed "fraudulent election results."
As for America, how many times have there been questionable elections and claims of voter fraud with ACORN? And yet... American Idol continues having record viewer ratings.