How long before our government does the same thing?

Google access disrupted in China

Access to Google has been disrupted in some parts of China, amid a row over what Chinese citizens should be allowed to view over the internet.

Users reported they could not access either Google's search engine or its Chinese-language version.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang accused Google of spreading pornography and breaking Chinese law.

The move came as the US called on China to scrap its plan to put net-filtering software on all new computers. China has demanded that all computers come supplied with software called Green Dam Youth Escort from 1 July, which it says would filter out pornographic content.

Separately, and some of its products, such as its mail service, were not available in China from Wednesday night to Thursday morning Beijing time, according to Chinese portal

The so-called Great Firewall of China!

UPDATE: They're blocking medical topics and sexual topics on the net.

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Anonymous said...

There's already a lot of talk among Democratic politicians about restricting access to radio and the internet on the part of those who oppose them. I would suspect they'll come up with legislation to do just that, and give it some warm, fuzzy name like "the fairness in communications act".