Million, Billion, or Trillion

When you get up into the really big numbers, regardless of what's being counted, it's difficult sometimes to wrap your mind around the concept. Well someone has compiled a visualization of the magnitude of the US Federal Debt that even a caveman can understand!

Check out

I LOVE the domain name by the way!

In all seriousness though... can ANYONE not see the crash we're racing towards?


Book review

This wonderful book has been around for many years, but the advice it contains is absolutely outstanding. Some of us "action oriented" types might have difficulty with waiting for the "right time". Claire Wolf's book offers many different ways to channel that pent-up fury, making the "wait" more bearable.


You can buy it here


He's not just a liar - he is a LIE

Found this comment here, and it resonated with me:

We have a LIE in the White House. He's not just a LIAR. He's a LIE. That's why he needs a VAULT, in Hawaii, to seal his life's story away.

Raised in Indonesia til the age of 11. All those years in Muslim Schools. All those years going to Muslim Mosques. All those years kneeling on his Prayer Rug, praying to Allah. Yet, he says he's a Christian.

His School Records are still LOCKED AWAY. Who seals their School Records? Who seals their College Loan Paperwork? Their Entrance Exam? Their Medical Records? Their Transcripts and their Thesis?

"He's the smartest guy that ever lived."

Is he? Nobody knows.

"He never heard Jeremiah Wright say all those things."

Really? In 20 YEARS in the pews?

He never knew what Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were all about?

Does he know that his Science Czar - Bill Holdren - wishes, very much, that we would put STERIENTS in to the Drinking Water?

Does he know that his Medical czar - Ezekiel Emanuel - wishes that we could implement the Chinese ONE CHILD Plan?

Does he know that his FCC Chairman admires the way that Hugo Chavez shut down the Opposition on Venezuela's Airwaves, to ensure the success of "His beautiful Revolution"?

Is Obama out to fulfill "The Dreams From My Father"? The MARXIST/MUSLIM who abandoned his Wife and Child (Typical Black Man) HATED this Country and it's European/Israeli Allies, and DIED DRUNK, in a Kenyan Gutter?

Did he really go after our ALLY - Honduras - after they Constitutionally, threw out Hugo Chavez wannabe - Zelaya - for trying to stage a Putsch, after he was DENIED a referendum on eliminating that Nation's Presidential Term Limits? Did he really go after them to "SEND A MESSAGE" to Hugo Chavez, and the other FAR LEFT MARXIST REGIMES, in South America, that "They could WORK with him"?

That's what Wiki-Leaks says happened.

How is it that, a guy who's been FOCUSED LIKE A LASER BEAM on JOBS, for so many years, can be so inept at creating any? Doesn't he WANT us to have jobs?

How can a President of the United States LAUGH at the fact that his "Shovel Ready Jobs, weren't so Shovel ready, after all"?We're hurting, out here. He's yucking it up.

He tells us all that we've got to "Share in the Sacrifice, even as HIS FAMILY takes one Exotic Vacation, after another. Even as he GOLFS, while we wonder how to pay our bills. Even as HE gets ready for a LAVISH, Star Studded, nothing but the best, BIRTHDAY PARTY. Even as he jets off, once again, to FUND RAISE for more MILLION$ for his Re-Election, while every
Economic Indicator in this Country, CRASHES.

He's not just a LIE. He's the BIG LIE. And he will bring this Country down.



The issue of gun rights / or How to See Right thru a politician!

Why Did it Have to be ... Guns?
by L. Neil Smith

Over the past 30 years, I've been paid to write almost two million words, every one of which, sooner or later, came back to the issue of guns and gun-ownership. Naturally, I've thought about the issue a lot, and it has always determined the way I vote.

People accuse me of being a single-issue writer, a single- issue thinker, and a single- issue voter, but it isn't true. What I've chosen, in a world where there's never enough time and energy, is to focus on the one political issue which most clearly and unmistakably demonstrates what any politician—or political philosophy—is made of, right down to the creamy liquid center.

Make no mistake: all politicians—even those ostensibly on the side of guns and gun ownership—hate the issue and anyone, like me, who insists on bringing it up. They hate it because it's an X-ray machine. It's a Vulcan mind-meld. It's the ultimate test to which any politician—or political philosophy—can be put.

If a politician isn't perfectly comfortable with the idea of his average constituent, any man, woman, or responsible child, walking into a hardware store and paying cash—for any rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything—without producing ID or signing one scrap of paper, he isn't your friend no matter what he tells you.

If he isn't genuinely enthusiastic about his average constituent stuffing that weapon into a purse or pocket or tucking it under a coat and walking home without asking anybody's permission, he's a four-flusher, no matter what he claims.

What his attitude—toward your ownership and use of weapons—conveys is his real attitude about you. And if he doesn't trust you, then why in the name of John Moses Browning should you trust him?

Read the rest of this excellent essay here.


Regarding the Casey Anthony trial and verdict

Recently I’ve been wanting to comment on the Casey Anthony acquittal, but life’s kinda hectic these days and I’ve not had an opportunity until now.

Let me start by saying that this post isn’t about a mother murdering her child, and getting away with it. It’s about the reaction of the public.

For the record, I did not watch this trial. The whole affair was absolutely repugnant to me, and I just couldn’t bear to watch the unfolding of the case. Also for the record – I believe the woman is guilty as sin.

Caylee Anthony, murdered and thrown away like so much garbage

All over America people seem to be outraged that Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering that precious little child and dumping her body like it was so much trash. I have got news for you America: Casey Anthony might have been acquitted in an earthly courtroom by jurors with room-temperature IQs, but there will come the day when she faces an all-knowing, all-seeing judge. And her sentence will be just in every sense of the word. She has not escaped justice – she has merely deferred it. So for that reason, I can’t get too worked up about justice being done.

My real point is the reaction of the American public to this verdict. I hear that death threats are coming thick and fast against any juror that can be identified. Presumably people are angry that a child was murdered and the killer got off scot-free. Now Casey Anthony owed a duty to her daughter to love and protect her, and clearly she was an epic failure on that account. But Casey Anthony (and her brain-dead jurors) owed nothing to society at large.

Our elected officials at every level most certainly DO owe us a minimal degree of fidelity to the Constitution and to our laws, and they owe the American people honest stewardship of our economy, our border, our culture, and our sovereignty. Is it not clear that they are failing on ALL of these accounts? And is it not equally clear that generations of American children are being condemned to poverty, ignorance, shorter life spans, political oppression, and generally a reduced standard of living by every conceivable measure? That Americans are stomping mad over one murdered child – yet at the same time are so complacent over millions of children – just boggles my mind!

Little Isabelle - my precious granddaughter

Where is the outrage America? Why aren’t indignant Americans holding their elected officials to account? In fact – why aren’t millions of people marching on state capitals and the national capital with torches and pitchforks right now? I think about 98% of politicians of both parties need to be at least tarred and feathered and run out of office; at the very least! And most politicians are probably so egregiously guilty of violating their oath that they ought to be decorating light poles and feeding the buzzards.

Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!


Obama and his 'Professional Politicians'

What I hear him saying is "You The People are too stupid to understand all this!"


Last flight of the space shuttle

I have two thoughts pertinent to this, the final shuttle launch.

1. Good riddance! Like we can afford to piss taxpayer's money all over the solar system.

2. NASA may just be the first GOOBERMENT agency in a long time to actually shrink. See point number one above.


My latest pet peeve

Today’s rant is about something that I know is the smallest of issues - given all that’s facing us these days, but it’s something that just fries my catfish nonetheless!

I am an extremely early riser on most mornings, and usually I’m out walking: exercise for me and my pooch. And when I walk I like circuitous courses that don’t require me to cover the same ground if I can manage it. One such course that I used to enjoy took me thru a local park that includes a public boat ramp. I expect due to the boat ramp that park was generally open 24 hours a day. Like so many public properties now a days, this park has its own “live in” LEO on the property too. The city gives this poor underpaid servant of the people a place to lay his weary head, rent free, in exchange for the crime deterring effect of his mere presence.

The other morning I was walking in the direction of the boat ramp park, only to discover that the park gates have been chained and locked! Needless to say I wasn’t overjoyed at having my route involuntarily re-directed.

My attitude simply stated is this: Public Property of a recreational nature (which includes ALL parks and boat ramps) should never have their access restricted. And so much the more when there’s a LEO domiciled on the property. I mean after all – what’s he there for if not to ensure law & order?

I am so damn sick and tired of this knee-jerk reaction because someone screws up – EVERYBODY thereafter must be discomfited as a result. Yes, I know parks have been used by lovers for rendezvous points, or teens doing some late night partying. But so what! Does this then always mean that such taxpayer funded locations must be restricted to taxpayers’
use only during daylight?

Apparently so.

There’s more. Last year the city decided that having only one park with a dock and boat ramp within a half-mile radius of each other was just barbaric. So near the first existing park, they built a massive dock that I would bet cost the taxpayers upwards of a million bucks. I know from inside sources that the parking lot, road access, and elaborate gate system, cost the city another cool $400,000. And like the original park, this one has a strictly controlled access monitored by another LEO who lives about a block away.

Why in the hell do we have to have two parks so close one another, and why the hell do they have to close at sunset? If I am walking thru there at 4 a.m., and someone accosts me, then they’ve taken their life in slippery fingers. I certainly don’t need LEO to come to my rescue. And not only did I NOT need the cost of such a park, but I don’t need the never ending labor costs (at what $30 or $40 bucks an hour) to have some uniformed yahoo come around day and night locking and unlocking gates that never should exist in the first place!

The city bureaucrats are proud that they filched your taxes to pay for this facility. One sign bragging on funding sources wasn’t enough. They had to have two signs that identify this park as the property of Jacksonville Florida’s taxpayers.

Yet at the same time, they make it clear in the lengthy list of rules that “Management reserves the right to close park facilities to the public”. Note rule # 2:

Look at that list of rules will ya! I'm surprised they don't say "Fun not allowed at this facility. If you are caught having fun you will be arrested, beaten, tasered, and locked away as a felon!"

First of all, I am of the humble opinion that Governments don’t have “rights”, they only have “duties”. And second of all, if I paid for it – I ought to be able to use it whenever I so desire!

Government is totally out of control my friends. As if you didn’t already KNOW that!



Here's someone else who thinks (like me) that celebrating July 4th is pretty assinine these days.

And how exactly does the daughter of a prominant muslim family from Saudi Arabia end up married to a power hungry jew inside the Washington Beltway. This is a MUST READ today!

Speaking of the Religion of Slaughter, here is an insightful piece on exactly how far America has gone down the road toward dhimmitude.

Bear in mind dear readers (both of you) that I fear Washington far more than I fear Islam. That does NOT mean I advocate turning a blind eye toward Allah worshippers here and abroad. I just point this out as a matter of perspective.

By the way... here's the T-shirt I wore to a 4th of July gathering last night. There were several people whose facial expressions told me that they were horrified. :)