Some notable points regarding the events in Iran

(In no particualar order)

- Isn’t it amazing that French Prime Minister Sarkozy, was willing to go on record as being in support of the Iranian people? It’s pretty enlightening that the perennially wussified French are making noise in support of Freedom, while the leader of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave has been completely non-committal on that front.

- The current regime in Iran has been virulently anti-US since its revolutionary birth (in the courtyard of the US Embassy) back in 1979. We "owe" these bastards a debt of honor in my opinion. The very least we can do is show some verbal support for the Iranian people who are putting their asses on the line to resist a tyrannical government.

- We as Americans should be ashamed. The Iranians, with no history of personal liberty, no bill of rights, and very little private gun ownership, are taking to the streets in response to the perception that an election was rigged. Here in the US, we are being systematically robbed by our government, our constitution is being trampled, our rights are being stripped, and the onset of despotism may well be at hand. Yet the only recent case of crowds in the streets we seem to have mustered is this.

- No matter what course of action (or inaction) Obama chooses, there is one thing he can count on. The full, unmitigated support of the lapdog lame-stream press. They're going to find any way possible to spin this so their boy looks good; and they're not above a few "But Bush..." references either!

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