This video NEEDS to go viral!

I bet the politicians in that chamber were squirming in their seats as he spoke.


Hey conservatives - standby to be sold out (again) by the GOP

The party of the dead elephant is NOT going to defend your 2A right to keep and bear arms.  I predict here and now that private transfers of gun ownership, the proverbial "gun show loop hole", is about to become regulated by Leviathan.

WASHINGTON -- Ask a Senate Republican if he or she supports an assault weapons ban and you'll likely get a "no." But ask about tighter background checks -- one of a few items in President Barack Obama's gun violence package with a shot at passing Congress -- and you'll likely get a vague response about needing more information, if you get a response at all.
"Uh, I don't know what you mean," said Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who then ended the conversation by turning around and walking into a room where senators were having lunch, closing the door behind him.
"I need to have more details. I, you know, I just need -- you need to ask me after I've talked to our judiciary staff in our office," said Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), also heading to the Senate lunch. "I hate to respond just in the hallway, so I won't."
"I've got -- my wife's here. I'm sorry. I've gotta -- thanks," said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.).


Bambi gets revenge - the deer herd of Henry County strikes back

Well I spent the last weekend of Alabama deer season in a tree stand in Henry County Alabama.  In fact I spent the entire day Saturday sitting in a climber 25 feet up a pine tree overlooking a creek bottom.  I got settled in before daybreak and I didn’t climb down until dark..  I saw a total of five deer, including a small six point chasing a doe.  Just nothing I wanted to hang on my wall – and my freezer is already full.

I started back home Sunday morning and had traveled no more than half a mile before a MONSTER buck ran right out in front of my truck.  If I hadn’t slammed on brakes I’d have hit him!  Whew.  Close call number 1.

Twenty minutes later I spied lots of eyes off the side of the road and I did the prudent thing and slowed down.  Traveling at about 40 mph I passed the largest gathering of deer I’ve ever seen in the wild.  There was at least 25 does standing a tight little cluster immediately beside the road.  I expected them to scatter in all directions – including right in front of me – for some reason not a one of the moved as I passed by, except to swivel theirs heads following my passing.  I even had time to lower my truck window and get an up close look.  Whew.  Close call number 2.

Three’s the charm they say.  About a minute after passing the doe convention on the left side of the road, I heard and felt a loud thud on the passenger side of my truck.  I knew instantly what had to be the cause.  Glancing down into my driver’s side mirror I could see a deer flying thru the air tumbling end over end and crashing down into the ditch along the opposite side of the road.  I pulled over and surveyed the damage.

Dents in the rear passenger door, a shattered topper window, a smashed fender on my 4 wheeler, and the tailgate ramp torn loose from it’s locking pins requiring that I actually tie the trailer tailgate in place in order to drive. 

I walked back the short distance to see about the deer – and he (or she) was gone!  Doubtless the animal dragged itself off to die later.

What a frustrating way to close out the best hunting season I’ve had in a quite awhile!    Oh well.  I’m just glad the animal didn’t come thru my windshield and end up in my lap.  


He was nobody to the rest of the world, but to me he was everything

Reposted on the occasion of my father's 97th birthday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sept 1939


Deer hunting in Alabama

Standing beside my truck in the predawn darkness it had seemed like there was little or no wind.  Now sitting in a ground blind atop a hilly clear cut I discovered that there was indeed some wind, and it was utterly fickle about which way it was going to blow.  The worst time to hunt from a ground blind is when the winds are variable.  Deer have the most incredible sense of smell you can imagine, and if even a whiff of your scent drifts their way, you can forget any hope of them coming in your direction.  I resolved to change my location, even though the sun was already up.

Coming down off the hill very slowly, I watched as a doe ran along just inside the treeline in front of me.  Moments later off to my left I saw two does being chased by what appeared to be a coyote.  Well they look to be moving pretty good this morning I thought.  Let’s hurry up and get into a tree stand and get up high so as to mask my scent a little better.  I stepped up the pace. 

Thirty minutes later I was safely ensconced about twenty-five feet up a pine tree on a completely different part of the property.  Looking downhill over a partial clear cut I could see a creek bottom out about 180 yards in front of me.  Gaps in the foliage gave me a clear view into the bottom in only a couple of spots.  Similar gaps on my right and left gave me a view into the mixed pine and hardwood forest that flanked the clear cut I was overlooking. 

Around 10:30 a.m. my hunting buddy texted me and asked if I was ready to come down and head for the house.  “No… I think I’m going to stay up here until sunset” I replied.  Why not? I had something to nibble on in my pack and I had water and I was quite comfortable in my tree climber.  Best to make the most of an Alabama deer hunt I thought.

About an hour later I was looking into the woods off to my right when I see a doe slowly making her way downhill and towards the bottom out in front of me.  I watched her through my binoculars to see if she was alone – and she appeared to be.  Even though this was supposed to be the rut she looked to be in no particular hurry, and she also looked to be by herself.  Passing out of my view for the moment as she headed down the hillside, I put down my binoculars and shouldered my rifle.  Although I had no intention of shooting a doe, I still think it’s fun to put the crosshairs on them as a way of “counting coup”.  It allows me to fantasize around the notion of “I could have had you if I wanted!”

Shifting in my seat a bit to give me a more natural point of aim, I placed the crosshairs on the spot where I expected the deer to cross into the creek bottom.  And sure enough, in a couple of minutes my doe stepped out precisely where I expected.  Placing the crosshairs on her left shoulder I could see her very plainly as she cranked her head around and scrutinized her own back trail.  Hmmm… is she being followed?  Careful to make no sudden moves – even though the doe was about 180 yards way – I eased my rifle down and took up the binoculars again and began glassing the area where I had first spotted the traveling doe.  In just about a minute there appeared a big-bodied buck following the exact path previously taken by the doe. 

Hot damn! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a buck in my crosshairs.  A succession of poor choices for hunting properties, and not nearly enough time spent scouting or hunting has left me “buckless” for more years that I care to reveal.  So perhaps you will understand, if even a little, the excitement of having an opportunity to drop a buck that was now unfolding before me.

There is an old deer hunting rule that says once you make the decision to shoot your buck, don’t look at the antlers anymore.  If you do, you risk getting excited and spoiling your shot.  I had seen a shiny main beam on the rack, and I had seen that he was a good size, so I made my shoot decision and carefully looked no more at the rack.  Knowing precisely where my animal would cross in the gap down below, I put down my binoculars and picked up my rifle.  I spent the moments while the buck was out of my view getting situated and ready for the shot.  The doe had passed out of sight somewhere along the bottom so I placed my crosshairs on the same spot where she had appeared just a couple of minutes before.  I had every expectation my trailing buck would show in the same spot.  He did.

Unlike the doe who casually stepped from cover, the buck did something unexpected.  He bounded across the gap and gave me no opportunity to take a point of aim and thus I had no shot.  In far less time than it takes to tell about it, my buck disappeared into cover in the direction the doe had gone.  Curses!  Damn the luck! Missed opportunities seemed to be my hunting trademark.  But nonetheless I maintained my sight picture with the rifle and continued to watch the small gap thru which my two deer had passed.

Only a moment went by and I heard a deer “blow” somewhere down in the foliage along the creek.  This is usually behavior you expect when they’ve been startled or frightened by a hunter, and not something I’ve ever witnessed them do in reaction to another deer.  With the wind blowing steadily from the direction of the bottom up toward me, I knew there was no way they had gotten my scent, so I kept my rifle pointed at the spot where I had last seen the buck.  I saw the doe charge across the opening and apparently reverse her course of a few minutes before and head back up the hill.  I remained steady on the gap.  The buck stepped out and moved to follow the doe.  This time he stopped as if pondering what he wanted to do.  I placed the crosshairs on his shoulder and squeezed the trigger.  At precisely the moment the trigger broke he stepped forward a bit and my point of aim was shifted to his gut rather than his shoulder.  But the .270 erupted at 2850 fps and I clearly saw the animal stagger as the round impacted about six inches left of where I would have preferred. 

Away into the bottom the buck ran with a discernably odd gait.  I knew he was hit, I just hoped very much that he wouldn’t be able to run very far.  I waited at least ten minutes there in the stand before trying to climb down.  As excited as I was it seemed prudent for safety’s sake that I regain my composure somewhat before trying to climb down from the tall pine tree. 

Thirty minutes later, now armed with a four-wheeler and utility wagon, I was at the bottom of the hill, and it took me no more than five minutes to find my buck.  He had run maybe 40 yards from where I shot him.  The bullet had hit him exactly where I had expected it would, and the view back to the tree from where I fired made me really wish I had a rangefinder with me to confirm the distance.  I believe it to have been about 180 yards, and obviously I was pleased with the result.

The rack on the ole boy was a bit disappointing.  But later at the processor we looked at the teeth and the opinion of those folks was that the animal was a three year-old deer.  So what I had was a somewhat anemic rack that would probably never have gotten any better regardless of how long the deer would have lived. In essence this was a cull buck; one whose genetics you don’t want perpetuated in the herd.  Cull buck or no, I still had a wonderful time.  The morning had started off with crappy winds, but here before me I had a good kill and the sweet memory of a good overall hunt. 

Alabama has one more weekend of deer season, and the late rut in Henry County guarantees it will be exciting.  You can bet your ass that GunRights4US will be there!


Concerning chest thumpers and candy asses

I recently read somewhere that this sort of post counts as nothing more than “chest-thumping”.  Fair enough – everyone is entitled to their opinion.   Now here’s my opinion.

As a lifelong gun enthusiast I’ve often heard the argument that it is suicidal to oppose the government forcefully.  And many incidents demonstrate the apparent truth of that.  Polemicists on both the left and right will tell you that any attempt to stand up to Leviathan will accomplish nothing more than to get you killed and your memory forever vilified.  Let me try to make something very clear to you dear reader.  Having an armed populace can accomplish the goal of restraining a potentially tyrannical government simply by demonstrating the WILLINGNESS to resist tyrannical acts.  Government bureaucrats who KNOW that Americans won’t meekly bend over to take the government weenie are far less likely to even try [insert tyrannical act here].

There is an old story about the pre-war Japanese High Command contemplating the invasion of the American mainland.  Someone reminded the generals that they would encounter a rifle behind every blade of grass. The American public never had to fight Japanese troops because they never attacked in the first place.  It was enough for the generals to know what they would face if they did.

By the same token, if the American public would a) retain their evil black rifles in abundance, and b) continue to make it clear to Uncle Sugar and his minions that any attempt to take those EBRs will be bloody in the extreme, then Leviathan would be more likely to remain in its constitutionally mandated place.

Will some “chest thumpers” get killed?  Undoubtedly.  But if those chest thumpers were seen to number in the millions by the agents of Leviathan, then the likelihood that anyone need die for their rights would be diminished.  So in essence, every time some limp wristed Fudd spouts the idea that we should all cower and cringe along with the rest of the Sheeple, then that Fudd has actually raised the chances that Obongo and company will make the ultimate grab.  I am reminded of Alexander Solszenitsyn who talked of how they burned in the camps with the knowledge that had they only mustered the courage to resist, the entire Soviet revolution might have died in its cradle.

A few days ago I had lunch with a policeman I know.  The conversation naturally went in the direction of the coming executive order concerning guns.  He expressed real fear that the government would chose such a course because he realized that to do so would set the gun owning American public directly on a collision course with law enforcement.  And he correctly deduced the inevitable deadly results of such a course.  It is GOOD for liberty that law enforcement has such a fear! 

I am so very glad that people in this country were once made of sterner stuff, and that the prevailing attitude was not one of cringing at the mention of potential government action.  Imagine if Paul Revere’s wife said “Paul, don’t go out there and get your ass in trouble now”.  What if Capt. Parker had stood on Lexington Green in 1775 and told his militia to disperse in the face of British power?  Don’t you think he knew he might “get in trouble”?  Pffffft

If given my choice, I would rather be a chest thumper than a pansy-assed jello spine.  I know that one day I will die.  If God answers prayer then perhaps I will give a good accounting of myself.  But God forbid that I ever counsel my fellow liberty-minded Americans to hunker down and lay low!  I piss on those who take such a tack. 


The arrogance of authority

There was some sort of accident this morning as I made my way to work.  I could see the flashing lights of the police, fire truck and ambulance up ahead.  The four lane artery I was traveling was reduced to two lanes and heavy traffic (as you expect on a workday morning) was being funneled thru, albeit very slowly. 

As I neared the scene – after about 15 minutes of inching forward – I saw the fire truck and the meat wagon roll away.  A little closer now and I see there are no wrecked vehicles anywhere which leads me to suspect that a pedestrian was involved. 

In any event, all of the elements of the conflagration are gone – except for the three police cars blocking the center lanes of traffic.  The fat bodied tax feeders themselves are standing in the middle of the street conversing and laughing among themselves, completely oblivious to the blockage they are creating in the middle of the busy thoroughfare. 

Had I been willing to risk being tasered and beaten to within an inch of my life, I would have rolled down my window and yelled at those bastards to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE ROAD!  However I just wasn’t in the mood to spend any time in the ER or a jail cell this morning.


As Jefferson saw it...

“A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”

Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Peter Carr in 1785


Here it is... What Washington needs hear

I've been stewing for days now ever since the atrocious murder of all those little children in Newtown.  What can I say?  On the one hand I am furious that someone would harm little children.  If the sorry bastard hadn't already offed himself, I would gladly beat him to a pulp with a baseball bat.  The lowest regions of hell are reserved for those who harm innocent children.

On the other hand, I am just as angry that the anti-gun, collectivist hive members are willing to conflate me and other gun owners with that piece of excrement whose name I refuse to repeat here!

I am mad as hell that my elected representatives constantly dishonor their oath to the constitution.

I am mad as hell that the NRA will even sit down at the table with gun banning politicians.

I am mad as hell that the president [spit] threatens to go around congress [spit] via executive order and trample the 2A.

I am mad as hell that the American people aren't storming their state capitals demanding that state governments put Washington back in its place.

I am mad as hell that the media has become nothing but a propaganda machine for big government, and works actively against my Liberty.

I am mad as hell ... and I'm not going to take it any more!

The gentleman in this video says just what's on my mind and I endorse (with blood if need be) his every word and every syllable!


UPDATE:  Here is what they have in mind.