The coming of Caesar


We have a problem. This could be “the big one”—bigger than coping with the Ahmadinejads, Kims, and Chavezes of the world and bigger than our current economic woes. Our republic, our society, may be heading for a crackup. We are bankrupt, both financially and politically.

The source of the problem is democracy. Decades of so-called “progressive” thought have led us to abandon the limited-government, constitutional republic established by our founding fathers. In the name of putting more power into the hands of "the people," the government has arrogated sweeping powers.

There is a famous passage (possibly cobbled together from several separate statements and authors) that explains democracy’s fatal flaw, the inherently self-destructive element that caused our founding fathers to distrust democracy (Google “James Madison on democracy” for more):

“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

Crude, majoritarian democracy (as in, “there are more of us than there are of you, so we’re going to redistribute your wealth”) inevitably undermines the harmony of society. A free market, as competitive as it is, is based on peaceful, voluntary cooperation. When commerce is free and unfettered by government interference, both sides to a transaction normally gain, thereby promoting social harmony.

Democracy, by contrast, engenders social conflict. Money changes hands by force of the taxman and the threat of imprisonment, not voluntarily. Democracy pits citizens against each other in a sordid squabble whereby many strive to have the state confer benefits seized from their fellow citizens.

Today, Washington redistributes trillions of dollars annually, so the capital is swarmed by battalions of lobbyists, representing myriad special interests, each trying to secure more political rent from government than what government takes from them. As the late, great economist Hans Sennholz described it, the democratic "transfer society" resembles the absurd spectacle of a circle of people, each trying to pick his neighbor’s pocket. How can there be social harmony when everyone is trying to rip off someone else?

This process of using government to extract wealth from other citizens (dubbed “legal plunder” by the 19th-century French economist Frederic Bastiat in his brilliant essay, “The Law”) has reached the point where Uncle Sam is essentially bankrupt With government spending and deficits soaring under the present administration, the day of reckoning approaches. If foreigners should decide to cut their losses and balk at financing any more of our debt, either interest rates will soar, collapsing the economy, or the Fed will monetize all the debt, collapsing the dollar and the economy.

Can that day of cataclysm be postponed? Perhaps the wealth-redistribution system can be kept on life support a while longer, if government can confiscate a much larger share of the middle class’ wealth (yes, the middle class, because there aren’t enough rich people to finance all of Uncle Sam’s promises) or by dramatically slashing benefits.

When that momentous day arrives, there will be a lot of angry Americans.

One might say that the so-called “social contract” will be broken, but the problem is, there isn’t just one such “contract.” There are two, and they are fundamentally and irreconcilably opposed to each other.

One “contract” is the government’s long-standing promise to support those in need. Many Americans have been taught to believe that they are entitled to a share of other people’s property, even if they have contributed nothing of value to society themselves and have made poor choices. The other social “contract” is the traditional implicit promise of America: namely, that if you work hard, you are entitled to the fruits of your labor.

When a financial crackup occurs, those who have been taught to depend on government will demand continued government benefits. If government fails to provide them, those demands could turn violent. On the other hand, if government moves to confiscate a significant chunk of whatever wealth remains in the hands of an already-hurting middle class, then millions of peaceful, law-abiding, hard-working Americans may finally reach the breaking point and rebel, as our forebears did in the 1770s, against a government viewed as abusive and oppressive.

How bad could it get? If the social order breaks down, civil unrest could disrupt markets and shortages of essential goods could occur. The resulting chaos could trigger martial law. A strong leader—a Caesar—could institute some sort of command order. Millions would resent it, but it would be accepted, because the alternative—civil conflict, chronic disorder, and impending starvation—would be intolerable. In such a calamity, Caesar would be the lesser of two evils. The American Republic and Constitution would join earlier democracies in the ashbin of history.

God help us.

Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson is an adjunct faculty member, economist, and contributing scholar with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College.


Taking a break - on the river

My boys and I are heading up to the St Mary's river to camp this weekend. The weather promises to be gorgeous, and its been too long since we've done this. Once upon a time when the boys were little we did this several times a year. Now that the oldest is married and has a young'un on the way, and the youngest is working on his college degree, this happens less and less. So I am eagerly looking forward to some time with them. As you would expect the blog will be a bit slow til I get back late Sunday. But here's some pics of the area we're going to.



Too cute not to share!

Vicious pit bull renders young boy unconscious!


A frightening future for our nation

I do not know this gentleman’s credentials. I do believe however that his worldview and mine are extremely similar. On the forum that these links lead to, he has amassed over 24,000 postings so it should be very simple for anyone so inclined to research his views.

Of late he has begun to write a series of short stories that describe how a currency collapse will look from the perspective of the average American. I’ve read them and they are chilling to say the least. I’m going to provide the links to each of his missives so that you too can become enlightened as to what I sincerely believe is the future of this once great nation.

The Day the Dollar Died by John Galt (Part I)

American Hangover (The Day the Dollar Died, Part II)

“I Have Been to the Fields of Gettysburg” (The Day the Dollar Died Part III)

Arrogance of the Gods (The Day the Dollar Died Part IV)

“A New Day of Economic Justice for All” (The Day the Dollar Died Part V)

“Pass Me the Butter and Blueberry Syrup, Please” (The Day the Dollar Died Part VI)

Security for Liberty for All (The Day The Dollar Died Part VII)

“CQ, CQ, is Anybody out there?” (The Day the Dollar Died Part VIII)

There’s Two “T’s” in Ottumwa (The Day the Dollar Died IX)

The Dented Crown and Worthless Pound (The Day the Dollar Died X)

Dawn over Amerika (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XI

Keep My Change? (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XII

Paper, Plastic, Paper, Plastic (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XIII

Wendy’s Shining Moment (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XIV

As additional parts become available, I will post links to them here.

May God have mercy on the United States of America


My new favorite billboard!

Car Dealer Talks About His Anti-Obama Billboard


The large sign outside Wolf Automotive, near Interstate 70 and Kipling, shows two caricatures of President Obama, one in which he's wearing a turban. It reads "President or Jihad?"

The billboard also urges Obama to prove he's an American with the words "Birth Certificate" and "Prove It." At the bottom is the message "Wake up America! Remember Ft. Hood!"

On Saturday Phil Wolf let a CBS4 crew in the business to listen to the plethora of phone calls -- both in support and against -- that they've been getting about the billboard. He said some of the calls have included threats to his employees.

"Our service manager was threatened to put a bullet in his head," said Wolf, who says he has no immediate plans to take the billboard down and claims he has a large amount of support.

Below are a sample of some of the calls that came in while CBS4 was there:

"I think it's the most racist, disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life on a billboard. You should be ashamed of yourself," one male caller said.

"I hope you never sell another car and I hope you go bankrupt," a woman said.

"Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for being one heck of an American," a male caller said.

"I just wanted to give you a call and say 'Way to go.' I love it," another man said.

Wolf believes Barack Obama has not proven he was born in the country as is required to become president. Hawaiian officials have said Obama was born there.

A birth certificate, widely posted on the Internet, is what many believe is the proof. But some don't think it's real, and won't until Obama himself holds up his certificate.

"Just show a piece of paper, like the rest of us have to," Wolf said.

Maggie Couch was outside the dealership on Saturday urging a boycott and holding up signs.

"This display of hatred and lies hurts me. It hurts our country," she said.

In explanation of his inclusion of a reference to the Fort Hood shootings and "Jihad," Wolf said he thinks the president is soft on terrorism.

"You've got an enemy within our military ranks. Where else are enemies implanted at?" he said.

Couch said she thinks you can't "blame every lunatic action on our president."

Wolf said he isn't a racist and that callers who are accusing him of it have no grounds.

"My write-in candidate was Alan Keyes, and I married an Hispanic woman, so don't come to me with racism," he said. Keyes is a conservative political activist and African-American.

Police said during the day on Saturday a man threw a wooden pallet at some women who were outside protesting the billboard. He was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

The Denver Post reported that Wolf's sign has drawn criticism from the Anti-Defamation League and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Quote of the Day

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

Adrian Rogers


Good points regarding the trial of the 9/11 terrorists

I found this on Steve's Page


Of The New York City Terrorist trial

Most of the major issues have been discussed by others and will not be addressed other than listing them below:

* Terrorists may be granted bail;

* Much of the evidence may be ruled inadmissible;

* The trial will become a forum to preach fundamentalists Islamic doctrine;

* The trial can drag on for years;

* If one or more of the terrorists are sentenced to prison terms, they will recruit more terrorists in the prison system.

All of the above may occur, but other ramifications, unintended consequences, may also occur.

Islamic detainees at Guantanamo Bay are granted privileges not afforded to men awaiting trial in local jails, or prisoners in federal or state prisons. At Guantanamo, each detainee has an individual cell and a better diet than they had at home. Meals totaling up to 4,200 calories per day are brought to their cells, well above the 2,000 to 3,000 calories recommended for weight maintenance by U.S. government dietary guidelines. It is reported that some inmates are eating everything on the menu. One detainee has almost doubled in weight, to 410 pounds, said Navy Cmdr. Robert Durand, spokesman for the detention facilities at Guantanamo, a U.S. Navy station in southeast Cuba. Detainees are simply served a wide variety of food and are expected to choose what appeals to them.

Detainees are not subject to body searches of their crotch area, beard, or hair. Thus, they are able to meet with their attorneys, receive contraband, and pass messages to their compatriots. Guards are required to treat copies of the Koran with respect - special procedures not afforded the Bible or Torah. Terrorist detainees throw feces and urine at their military guards, whose response is limited by strict protocols. Such actions are not allowed in jails.

Lawyers for the five terrorists will demand the same "privileges" for their clients in New York City or county jails. What, no in-cell food delivery? No menu to chose from? Unacceptable! Jail guards will be accused of "torture", "racism", "racial insensitivity", "bigotry", "religious insensitivity" etc. when they respond in a normal manner when assaulted with feces or urine by the terrorists - assaults military guards have to put up with. The guards' response to these assaults will provide the basis for more motions, hearings that provide forums for propaganda, and additional opportunities to turn the trial (trials if defense lawyers succeed in obtaining a separate trial for each terrorist) into a circus. On the upside, newspaper sales will skyrocket.

Seating the jury will be another circus. Defense lawyers will demand that Muslims be on the jury. I see no way to exclude them. One or more Muslims can cause a hung jury. Then the circus begins anew.

Demonstrations will occur. New York City experienced Muslim Day in 2008. Then there was the pro-Hamas demonstration in Florida. Will there be similar parades and demonstrations in support of the terrorists? Will there be counter demonstrations? Will angry Americans say enough is enough and confront the Muslim demonstrations? I think the answer to all of these questions is yes.

Now the problem. If violent confrontations between Muslim supporters of the terrorists and angry Americans occur, who will the police and New York National Guard protect? If protection is provided to the Muslims supporting terrorists, and Americans supporting American values are injured and/or jailed, what will be the nation's reaction? Will millions of angry Americans from every state converge on the city to vent their outrage? If yes, New York State and New York City will have to consider the consequences of using force against American citizens, something that could even spark a civil war. What a terrorist delight that would be!

Or, consider the unthinkable - one or more (or even all) of the terrorists are acquitted. Could this happen? Of course it could. If it does, how will the American people react?

I think each of us should consider these possibilities - how we will deal with these unintended consequences - and answer the question for our selves.

Let the games begin.

A post for all those who think tyranny 'can't happen here'

Senate to Vote Thursday on Appeals Court Nominee Who Said Judges Can Amend the Constitution with Judicial ‘Footnotes’

Read the article. It leaves me utterly speechless!

What's next? Loyalty oaths a la Nazi Germany?

Army fears anti-Obama politics at Palin event

By MIKE BAKER, Associated Press Writer Mike Baker, Associated Press Writer – Thu Nov 19, 5:44 pm ET

RALEIGH, N.C. – The U.S. Army plans to prevent media from covering Sarah Palin's appearance at Fort Bragg, fearing the event will turn into political grandstanding against President Barack Obama, officials said Thursday.

Fort Bragg spokesman Tom McCollum told The Associated Press that the military post's garrison commander and other Army officials had decided to keep media away from Palin's book signing, which will not include a speech.

The AP and The Fayetteville Observer were protesting the decision to ban media.

"The law couldn't be clearer about this," said AP Associate General Counsel Dave Tomlin. "The government can't admit the general public but keep journalists out."

McCollum said the Army did not want the Monday event to become a platform to express political opinions "directed against the commander in chief."

"The main reason is to stop this from turning into a political platform," he said. "There are Army regulations that basically prohibit military reservations from becoming political platforms by politicians."

He said only one politician can use that platform, "and that person does it as our commander in chief."


Quote of the Day

"No man has a greater regard for the military gentlemen than I have. I admire their intrepidity, perseverance, and valour. But when once a standing army is established, in any country, the people lose their liberty."

George Mason

Time to change the US flag?


Eric Holder challenged by 9/11 Mother

The look of patronizing condescension on his face makes me want to punch him in the jaw!

Even more disturbing than Holder's stream of lies (as expected) are the comments at YouTube. These frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics are NOT my countrymen! Mine and their worldviews are diametrically opposed to one another. These can NOT be Americans...or I am not an American. But me and the people who utter these remarks are NOT BOTH Americans!

Youtube Comments:

thetruthaboutstuff (27 minutes ago) Show Hide
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may be but the simple fact is that he did the right then and layed out the facts. he looked really good there.

IonicStormFront (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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This is all we'll staged by the RNC.

BabybooR33 (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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halcyon083 (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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Flight 93 was Shot down by NORAD, on the ground there was nothing but a big hole, and the passports (put in place by law enforcement officers, everything was destroyed to bits but new and fake passports were in the hole, the government is so good at cover-up) of the "hijackers". Shouldn't she be blaming PNAC, Cheney, Bush admin, the CIA and the Pentagon, for everything that they have set up just so they can go to War in Iraq for Oil & Empire and build Oil Pipelines in Afghanistan & Sell Heroin.

halcyon083 (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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The RNC loves paying people like this to talk and spew Republican and Cheney Neocon talking points. RNC turns everything into a partisan political event, so they can score some media and publicity points.

JixMa (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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She's such a f**king bitch playing the Pity Card. F**k her! Poor AG having to listen to her bullshit drone on and on. He has a lot of restraint it seems, not to tell her to shut the fuck up.
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scion53 (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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9/11 was an Inside Job.

joshuag5732 (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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I thought he was very respectful and presented his case well. AN excellent choice for Attny General.

Obongo's teleprompter malfunctions at family dinner!

Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner


Obama at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery on Memorial Day

Disrespectful sumbitch ain't he!

UPDATE: I had originally described this as happening at Ft Hood. But actually it happened on Memorial Day at Arlington. Not that the when and where are all that important to the point of his consistent disrespect to American and its flag! But I do try to get my facts straight here.

A new perspective on Obama

Don't be taken in by this

Holder dials back his commitment to pushing ban on assault weapons

By Sam Youngman - 11/15/09 03:47 PM ET
Attorney General Eric Holder is retreating on his commitment to pursue a controversial gun-control measure.

Holder’s statements, recently delivered to senators in writing, clearly indicate the Obama administration is in no rush to reinstate the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004.

In response to written questions from Senate Judiciary Committee members, Holder adopted a much different tone on the ban than he did in February, when he said, “As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons.”


GR4U – Don’t take this at face value people. This is pure sleight of hand. Just as a magician fools you into looking at his right hand while the left hand pulls something out of his sleeve, the Obongo administration wants you to think that your 2A rights are now safe from any further gubmint depredations. Nothing could be further from the truth!

There are plans by this administration to sign onto a coming UN treaty against the “illegal” trafficking of small-arms. It will have the same effect of disarming the American gun-owner that a complete repeal of the 2A would have. The only variable is how vigorously do they plan to enforce it. My guess is that they have recognized that American gun owners are the ONLY real obstacle to the UN’s plan to morph into a world government, and they WILL enforce this treaty pretty thoroughly.

Here's a picture of the statute that stands in front of the UN in NY city. This should give you a good idea of what the rotten bastards at the UN think about guns in the hands of citizens. That's no military firearm there!

You’ll find loads of “sea lawyers” who will expound at length about how the Constitution is the law of the land, and how any treaty that contravenes Constitutional language will not be enforced. Don’t you believe it! Stop for a second and consider how much the government is CURRENTLY doing is unconstitutional! Can you seriously put your faith in a document whose only contemporary purpose is the continued programming of school children? It has become nothing more than a doormat for the corrupt government that RULES over us.

Remember the DC vs. Heller case that so many gun rights advocates cheered as forever settling the right of the individual to keep and bear arms? Well, those people failed to notice the giant “BUT” that came out of that decision (from right-wing darling Scalia no less!). That decision did not do one single thing toward rolling back all the various infringements in the form of registration and licensing. In fact, I can’t even see where it has benefited the people of DC! You still can’t “bear” a firearm there!

Expect the price of rice to soon double

Rice to Return 100% as Typhoons, Drought Roil Asians

Nov. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Rice prices have nowhere to go but up as drought in India and cyclones in the Philippines cripple harvests, according to the world’s biggest importer and the top exporter.

Rice may double to more than $1,000 a metric ton as dry El Nino weather shrinks output and the Philippines and India boost imports, said Sarunyu Jeamsinkul, the deputy managing director at Asia Golden Rice Ltd. in Thailand, the largest exporting nation. Prices won’t peak until March, said Rex Estoperez, a spokesman for the National Food Authority of the Philippines, the biggest importer. The agency issued a record tender for 600,000 tons last week and today called for bids for the same volume on Dec. 8 to secure grain before prices rise.

Global rice supplies are likely to be tighter than last year, when food shortages sparked riots from Haiti to Egypt, said Jeremy Zwinger, president of The Rice Trader, a brokerage and consulting company in Chico, California. Escalating food prices threaten to spark unrest in developing nations while increasing costs for beer brewer Anheuser-Busch Cos., the biggest U.S. rice buyer, and cereal maker Kellogg Co.

Read the rest...

GR4U - You take the most mild-mannered person imaginable, someone who would never hurt a fly, and let that person go for a few days without food. Or worse...let them see their children go without food. And result will be something akin to the Tasmanian Devil of looney toon's fame.

Ireland paying immigrants to GO HOME

Irish government to pay immigrants to go home

Recession-crippled Republic offers cash to non-EU nationals who agree to leave country

Henry McDonald, Ireland editor
The Observer, Sunday 15 November 2009

Ireland is offering money to immigrants to leave the recession-crippled Republic. The Irish Department of Justice has confirmed that it is opening an EU-funded project to persuade foreign workers and asylum seekers to return to their country of origin.

Read the rest of the story...


This should make you feel real good about the US economy

First of all, here's the price of Gold per ounce for the last six months:

Now here's the US Dollar valued against a basket of foreign currencies during the same time frame.

Any questions?

In 1994 Clinton bowed slightly to the Emperor...

...and the New York Times gave him hell for it!

Can we expect a similar excoriation of the Messiah from them? Don't hold your breath.

I guess I'm a tin-foil hat wearer because...

... this looks like a VERY useful toolbox to me!

50 Free Internet Tools for Tin-Foil Hat Wearers

Obama bowing = America bending over

Nobody else representing a foreign country feels it necessary to bow to the Japanese Emperor. Why does Barrack the Magic Negro feel compelled to subjugate his country to every prince and potentate he meets?

This seems an appropriate spot to post this pic (with Thanks to the lovely Michelle Malkin)


Better late than never

I wish I had found this particular film on November 10th. But I only just now stumbled across it.

Semper Fi Marines

The stakes are high: FREEDOM. Ours is the generation. NOW is the time!


Eight good rifle drills - borrowed from the Michigan Militia

Written by Lee Miracle

Some suggestions:

a. Safety - safety - safety!

b. Where the author uses bowling pins, consider substituting water filled milk jugs.

Tactical Weapon Drills 1-8

Quick Fire Drill #1

Range: 25 Yards
Weapon: Rifle
Shots: 3 (repeated)
Time: Not timed, but rapid
Target: Paper, silhouette or other
Score: Self-evaluation
Purpose: Allows shooter to evaluate and develop close-range, rapid engagement skills

Shooters begin with rifle carried at the ready. This may closely resemble port arms . At the Range Officer's signal (usually a whistle), shooters will raise their rifles to obtain a quick sight picture, and fire a single shot. Shooters then returns his rifle to the ready position. This is repeated two more times, for a total of three shots. The Range Officer should vary the time between signals, to keep the shooters off-balance. The Range Officer should not be visible to the shooters. Range Officer or assistants may keep track of time, to admonish shooters who take too long to sight in. The purpose of the drill is to engage quickly. While no specific time is prescribed, the skill of rapid engagement is better developed with quicker timed shots. Shooters and Range Officers will check targets after each three-round session. This will help determine where the rapid shots are hitting, so shooters can make adjustments, and develop an awareness of where their first rounds will impact in a rapid engagement. Targets should then be taped where the shots impacted. This drill should be repeated several times. It is a simple and effective close-range rifle drill.

Quick Fire Drill #2 Multiple Target

Range: 25 Yards
Weapon: Rifle
Shots: Unlimited
Time: Time is kept, penalty added for "unkilled" targets
Targets: 5 Paper Silhouettes, with scoring rings
Score: Primarily Self-evaluation, may be scored by time
Purpose: Allows shooter to develop and maintain the ability to rapidly engage multiple targets quickly and effectively. May be used as competitive drill, as well.

Shooter, at signal, engages seven targets as quickly as possible, traversing from either left to right or vice-versa. Shooter decides when a target has been killed, and moves to the second target, and so on, until shooter believes all targets to have been "killed" A target is considered "killed" when it has sustained two or more hits scored "7" or higher. The event may be timed, with time and shooting starting at a signal from Range Officer. Time will stop on signal from shooter. Range officer or other scorekeeper must accompany shooter downrange to check targets. Penalty time will be added as follows: Five seconds for the first target that has merely been "wounded" (has not sustained two shots scored "7"), 7 seconds for each subsequently "wounded" target, and 15 seconds for each target that has not been hit at all. This drill will force the shooter to develop ability to not only engage targets quickly, but to be confident in that ability. Shooter must tape all holes in the targets for the next shooter. Only one shooter can be allowed to do this drill at a time, so other shooters must be allowed to try it before the first shooter goes a second time.

Training idea: Perform any of these drills while wearing a gas mask. It is not a bad idea to get some feel for how well or how poorly one will shoot in a chemical environment.

Quick Fire/Reload Drill #3

Range: 25 Yards (May be increased up to 100 yards)
Weapon: Rifle
Shots: Begin with 2, then unlimited
Time: Yes
Target: 7 Bowling Pins
Score: Fastest Time
Purpose: Self-evaluation, reloading drill

Shooter begins standing at the ready, with only two rounds loaded in his/her rifle. Upon a signal from Range Officer, shooter moves to covered position nearby, and then engages the bowling pins. As the rifle begins with only two rounds, shooter is forced to reload his/her weapon from behind cover, and then continue to engage the remaining bowling pins. Timekeeper begins time at signal, and ends time when the final pin falls. Shooter will then clear his/her rifle, and go downrange to reset the bowling pins. Range Officer will insure that the shooter’s rifle is cleared. This drill will reinforce the need to practice reloading skills under combat conditions. Far too often, we start and end our drills without ever having to change magazines. This will develop and promote the skill of rapid reloading. This drill may be backed up to 100 yards if the shooters’ skill necessitates a greater distance. For competitive purposes, drill may be repeated at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, with the overall fastest time being declared the winner. Drill may also be done using pistols at 7 and 15 yards. Range Officers and shooters must always be sure that each session is started with only two rounds in the weapon, whether it be pistol or rifle. Drill may be repeated as often as time allows, as long as each participant has had a chance to shoot a session. Range Officer should monitor how well shooter remains behind cover while reloading. Targets do not shoot back, but bad guys do….

Training Idea: Try this drill from within a foxhole. We dig them, and we should learn how to shoot from them.

Drop and Shoot Drill #4

Range: No Less Than 25 Yards, may be increased
Weapon: Rifle
Shots: Unlimited
Time: Timed, but primarily self-evaluation
Target: 5 Bowling pins (may be varied)
Score: Optional: Fastest time to knock down all pins
Purpose: To develop the skill of rapidly assuming a prone position and engaging multiple targets.

Shooter begins at 100 yards, walking toward targets. Between 100 and 25 yards, Range Officer will give signal (usually a whistle), at which point shooter will assume a prone position and engage 5 bowling pins. Shooter must safely drop into a prone position. If, because of his/her position, shooter is not able to see and/or engage all of the pins, then shooter must move to a better position. This should be done by either low crawl, high crawl, or combat roll. Range Officer should vary the distance at which the signal is given, to keep shooter alert. A variant of this drill is to intermingle bowling pins of various colors, and not informing the shooter which color he is to engage until the signal is given. This could be accomplished by multiple whistle blows: i.e., one whistle means shoot the green pins, two whistles means shoot the blue pins, etc. Every effort must be made to maintain a safe environment. Shooter must not place his/her finger on the trigger until he/she is down in the prone and ready to shoot. At the conclusion, shooter must clear weapon and reset the bowling pins. This may be combined in some form with the reloading drill.

Variation: Shooter may close from 100 yards, and engage ONLY ONE target per signal. This means that the shooter will have to get up and down into the prone position many times. Range Officer must vary time and range at which signal is given, to keep shooter alert.

Training Idea: Have your shooters make shots from around corner positions, preferably using both right and left handed engagement techniques.

Transition Drill #5

Range: 25 Yards or closer
Weapon: Rifle, transitioning to pistol
Shots: 2 in rifle, unlimited in pistol
Time: Yes
Target: 6 Bowling Pins
Score: Fastest Time
Purpose: Primarily self-evaluation, stressing the ability to transition to a secondary weapon after engaging with rifle.

Shooter begins with two rounds in rifle, held at the ready. On a signal from Range Officer, shooter moves to cover, engages the pins with the two rounds in his/her rifle, and then draws handgun and engages remaining pins until they have all been dropped. Shooters without a tactical sling may ground their rifles, keeping them pointed downrange, once they are empty. Shooters may also wish to hold their rifle in their non-firing hand while engaging target with their handgun. Stress may be enhanced by allowing the shooter only two rounds in his secondary weapon, which will require either a reload, or a further transition to a third weapon. Stress may be enhanced further by intermingling different colored bowling pins as “friendly” pins which will cost time/points if they are shot. A tactical sling is highly recommended for this drill, otherwise, you may be forced to shoot with one hand while holding your rifle in the other, or even allow your rifle to drop to the ground. Get the tactical sling, OK? The idea is to introduce stressful transition fire as a practical drill.

Training Idea: Conduct one or more of these drills using the shooters normal non-firing hand. Right-handed shooters should shoot left-handed sometimes, and vice-versa. This can be done with either rifle or pistol. Some shooters may need additional coaching to do this. You never know when you will need to shoot with your other hand.

Hip Shoot/ Point Shoot Drill #6

Range: 25 Yards
Weapon: Rifle
Shots: 2 Per Target
Time: Rapid, Time not actually kept
Target: Paper Silhouettes, 3 Per Shooter
Score: Self-evaluation only
Purpose: Shooter will determine his/her ability to rapidly engage targets from the hip. This will be ugly.

Shooter carries rifle at the low ready, at or near waist level. Upon signal from Range Officer, shooter will engage a target, from the hip, as rapidly as possible, firing two shots at one target. Shooter will then return to the low ready position, and wait for the second signal. Shooter will shoot a total of two shots per target, from the hip, at 25 yards. Shooter will then clear his or her weapon, and go downrange with Range Officer to evaluate his/her hits (or lack thereof). This may prove to be an effort in futility. Shooting quickly from the hip will rarely produce effective shot placement. This exercise will also demonstrate that to shoot from the hip effectively, you will require a great deal of range time, time that could be spent developing more practical weapon skills. However, we strongly suggest that everyone attempt this drill at least once. You may further impress the futility of hip-shooting upon your shooters by allowing more than the listed two rounds per target. You may also achieve this by allowing more time to shoot from the hip. In most cases, you will find that the extra fraction of a second that it takes to raise the rifle and sight it in, even roughly, will yield much more favorable shot placement.

Variation: Point shooting is much more effective with a shotgun. This drill can be done using a shotgun to demonstrate this fact.

Pistol pin Shoot Drill #7

Range 25 Feet (feet, not yards)
Weapon: Pistol
Shots: No Limit
Time: Absolutely
Target: 5 Bowling Pins on Level Table
Score: Fastest to Knock All Five Pins Completely Off Of The Target Table Wins
Purpose: Fun, Shooter Learns to Rapidly Engage Multiple Targets, Excellent Competition Drill

This is a commonly used competition drill. Shooters begin with pistols loaded and ready. Pistol must be touching the ready table at start (ready table is set up 25 feet from the target table). At signal, shooter lifts pistol and engages pins. Time starts when signal is given, and time stops when the last pin falls off of the target table. Shooter may reload his/her weapon as often as needed. Additional weapons may be kept on the ready table for use as well, should the primary weapon run completely out of ammunition. A stop watch with hundredths of a second capability is needed to effectively time this event.

Training Idea: Some of your shooters may wear glasses or contacts. It is possible that they may not always have their corrective lenses available. So, if it can be safely done, have some of your shooters shoot without their glasses or contacts for some of these drills.

Training Idea: Dark glasses may be used to simulate low light conditions for a shooter, while still enabling the Range Officer to see the target and shooter. If this can be accomplished safely, have your shooter wear dark glasses to engage some of the targets.

Four-Pin Tactical Run And Shoot Drill #8

Range: 100 Yards, Closing to 25 Yards
Weapon: Battle Rifle
Shots: Unlimited
Time: Yes
Target: Four Bowling Pins From Four Different Ranges and Positions
Score: Fastest Overall Time Wins
Purpose: An exciting tactical shoot, this drill simulates closing with and engaging four targets from varied ranges and positions. This is one of the most effective drills that we participate in. This drill was initially developed to enable a comparison between the effectiveness of "spray and pray" versus carefully aimed, well-placed shots. Note: Shooter must wear minimum Level One gear (weapon, ammo, canteen, web gear, first-aid kit, and cleaning kit). Shooter begins at 100 yards from a standing position. This may be supported or unsupported, depending on shooter's discretion. Shooter engages first bowling pin. Time starts with first shot. Upon successfully knocking down the 100 yard pin, shooter then engages the safety on his weapon, REMOVES HIS FINGER FROM THE TRIGGER, and runs to the second position, which is kneeling behind cover, at a distance of 75 yards. Shooter may use cover to support his rifle. Upon successfully engaging the second pin, shooter then quickly and SAFELY moves to the third position, which is the prone unsupported position at 50 yards. Shooter may use a bipod for support, if he/she began the shoot with a bipod on the rifle. Shooter must use caution when getting down into or up from the prone position, to make sure that weapons are always pointed in a safe direction. Never have your finger on the trigger while running. Upon successfully engaging the third pin, shooter then quickly and SAFELY moves to the fourth and final position, which is standing unsupported at 25 yards. Never have your finger on the trigger while running. After knocking down all the pins, shooter will clear his/her rifle, and go downrange to reset the pins. Shooter will keep his/her weapon pointed in a safe direction as he/she returns from the range. Range Officer will inspect said weapon to ensure that it is empty, clear, and on "safe". Be safe, have fun, and happy shooting.


The absolute TRUTH, every word of it!

What (Really) Killed The Helpless US Military Victims At Ft. Hood.

First of all to say the word "helpless" in the same sentence as "US Military" is ridiculous, but there it is. Specially, if the sentence is one about the terrorism at Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the nation. The question we need to answer is who killed those American soldiers at Fort Hood. Let's see if we can answer the question without the mental disease of political correctness, or the guts-deficiency syndrome typified by the symptoms of over-tolerance, egalitarianism, and over-sensitivity.
First off, Islam killed the victims at Ft. Hood. Islam is a cult of death and violence. Its victims around the world are only at peace when they submit unconditionally to its excesses, or when they are dead. What was it that Hasan said? "We love death more than you love life". What is reasonable man to make of that? All Americans should read Robert Spencer's excellent book - The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam and the Crusades.

The message that men like Hasan send us is that the only peace-loving muslim is a "muslim in name only". Their religion demands conversion, or subjugation of the infidels. Just as there are CHINOS (Christians In Name Only) that blaspheme and sin daily, there are MINOS (Moslems In Name Only) that really don't want to hurt anyone....the problem is in knowing which is which. A Christian-in-name-only will not be a threat to society when he goes "devout". What does Hasan's example tell us about a muslim going "devout"?

Whenever I hear someone discussing "tolerance", I would ask them if a Jew could open up a Synagogue in Iran, or if Chuck Smith could hold a Christian church gathering in Syria?

No? Then WE are not the intolerant ones are we?

Secondly, the US Government killed those victims. The US Government, in its endless quest for egalitarian, feel-good, political correctness and refusal to name the enemy ignored the fact that we are in fact in a Fourth Generational War against Islam's desire to take over the world, and allowed this to happen.

Had Hasan been a devout Christian that spoke up against homosexuality in the military, he would have been summarily discharged...maybe dishonorably. Instead, as an outspoken radical muslim that kept contact with extremists, and that hated the west and infidels....questions about him were dismissed, and he was promoted and given choice assignments.

Third responsibility goes to whomever was in overall command of Ft. Hood. They are also responsible for the deaths of the victims by denying soldiers the very human right of self defense. A right, incidentally, that is recognized as soon as one leaves the gates of the fort and enters the land of Texas. What might have happened had Hasan's first intended victim been armed with an M9? How many innocents might have been saved had Hasan been shot to the ground between his "Allah Akbar" and his first shot?

That their silly regulations make no difference at all (and have never made a difference in such events anywhere or anytime) are clearly evidenced by the fact that Hasan brought his weapons on base with no problems or interference.

The last responsibility in a long chain of culpability is Hasan himself. The spear-point of a Fifth Column is alive and well, and thriving in America; allowed to thrive because of an ever-present fear by Americans of being called a racist, or intolerant. A terror shared even more intensely by every poor brow-beaten government worker in fear of their career.

Hasan was a clear and present danger to America, and he was promoted to Major instead of being summarily dismissed. Hasan was a buck that was endlessly passed, lest any of his commanding officers be thought unkind, insensitive, or horror of horrors....a racist. Hasan, a murdering, cowardly terrorist, acclaimed a hero by other terrorists, did exactly as his beliefs demanded....he successfully made war on the infidels.

Lessons learned? There won't be any. The lessons of this event are already known by any who would read this, and will be constantly ignored by those who should read it.

Get ready for the next one...Mumbai is coming.

Gabe Suarez
One Source Tactical
Suarez International USA
Christian Warrior Ministries

GR4U - For the record, the above article is a PERFECT articulation of my personal viewpoint on the topics of Ft Hood, Islam in general, and the consequences of political correctness. Absolutely Perfect!

Quote of the day

"Blaming guns for killing people is like blaming dollar bills for insanely spending themselves in Washington on entitlement programs."

John - caller to the Neal Bortz radio show

If there was ever any doubt...then watch this clip

...if you can stomach it.

Quote of the day

"The mania for giving the Government power to meddle with the private affairs of cities or citizens is likely to cause endless trouble, through the rivalry of schools and creeds that are anxious to obtain official recognition, and there is great danger that our people will lose our independence of thought and action which is the cause of much of our greatness, and sink into the helplessness of the Frenchman or German who expects his government to feed him when hungry, clothe him when naked, to prescribe when his child may be born and when he may die, and, in time, to regulate every act of humanity from the cradle to the tomb, including the manner in which he may seek future admission to paradise."

Mark Twain


A Veterans Day commentary

Today is Veterans Day. Already I have been approached by several friends and co-workers and thanked for my service. I appreciate the sentiment.

Although I never saw any combat, the fact is that was merely the luck of the draw. I joined the Marines in 1978. That was an era when there was very little prestige associated with being in the service – after all, that was only three years after the fall of South Vietnam. And Mr. Peanut sure didn’t do anything during his presidency to add to the prestige of either the armed forces or the nation in general.

But the truth is I did NOT serve for any of these commonly stated reasons:

- Educational benefits
- Job training
- Enlistment bonuses
- To pick up chicks
- To travel and see the world

I joined because:

- I wanted more than anything to be a United States Marine
- The idea of killing the enemies of The Republic appealed to me (and still does)

That’s it. Nothing more. I wrote a blank check to the US Gubmint payable up to and including my very life. Fortunately God saw fit to ensure that it was never “cashed”.

In today’s turbulent times I would still like to serve The Republic. But unfortunately I don’t believe that The Republic exists any longer. It has been subverted, slowly but surely, and the current regime is doing everything in its power to completely eradicate all traces of the nation founded by our forefathers. It is for this reason that I would no longer counsel either of my grown boys to join the service.

I hold our servicemen in highest esteem, and naturally Marines most especially. It is the most honorable profession. However, I realize now how completely possible it is to “support the troops” but not their mission.

In any event… tell the nearest Vet “Thanks”. They’ll really appreciate it.

God bless America, and God bless our servicemen and women.

Serviceman gets respect from an odd source

Milwaukee muggers see Army ID, return wallet
Published online on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009

By CARRIE ANTLFINGER - Associated Press Writer

MILWAUKEE A Milwaukee Army reservist's military identification earned him some street cred Tuesday, when he says four men who mugged him at gunpoint returned his belongings and thanked him for his service after finding the ID.

The 21-year-old University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student said he was walking home from work about 1:15 a.m. Tuesday when he was pulled into an alley and told to lay face down and with a gun to his neck. Four men took his wallet, $16, keys, his cell phone and even a PowerBar wrapper from his pants pockets, he said.

But the hostile tone quickly changed when one of the robbers, whom the reservist presumed was the leader, saw an Army ID in the wallet. The robber told the others to return the items and they put most of his belongings on the ground next to him, including the wrapper, the reservist said.

"The guy continued to say throughout the situation that he respects what I do and at one point he actually thanked me and he actually apologized," said the reservist, who asked not to be identified Tuesday because the robbers still had his keys.

The reservist said he asked the men, who all had hoods or hats covering their faces, if he could get up and they said he could before starting to walk away.

"The leader of the group actually walked back, gave me a quick fist bump, which was very strange," he said.

Milwaukee police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said the reservist is credible and that officers still were looking for the suspects Tuesday.

The reservist didn't realize until later that his keys were not with him and he doesn't know if the robbers intended to keep those, he said. Still, he said he feels lucky.

"I'm just kind of awe struck that everything was given back to me due to just being in the military, " he said. "I realize in pretty much every other situation that wouldn't happen."

He said he's never been deployed, only having signed up for the Army Reserves about a year ago. He said he is the first person in his immediate family to join the military.

Schwartz said there were two other incidents within 40 minutes in the same area and police suspect the four men were involved in all of them. The robbers were unsuccessful at 12:35 a.m., when the 39-year-old man they approached ran into the street and started screaming.

Schwartz said within 10 minutes of that they approached a 47-year-old man - a convicted burglar who had a Department of Corrections inmate ID in his wallet - ordered him to the ground and pointed a gun at him. They took his wallet, apparently unfazed by that ID.


Mao fan and White House Comm. Director calls it quits

Anita Dunn, the White House staffer with the love of Chairman Mao in her heart, is stepping down.

We're sure going to miss her unique reptilian way of speaking.


Boortz is an ASS, but on this ... I agree totally

Comments by Neal Boortz

The Beltway sniper, John Allen Muhammad - a Muslim - will be executed this evening. This Islamic goon killed 10 people .. shot them all with a sniper rifle. These were completely innocent people. One was simply filling up her car at a gas station. Another was mowing his lawn.

Hopefully he won't be saved at the last minute by some appeals court. He's earned his execution .. and it will be a cause for celebration. I do have a question, though. Why lethal injection? This guy drilled a hole in the trunk of his car so that he could stick the barrel of a rifle through and kill people in cold blood; and we're going to lay him down on a gurney and slip him a Mickey?

As usual, I have a better idea. Tie him to a post in the middle of a field. Tell him that he is going to be shot through the heart ... but don't tell him when. Let the agony build. Let him stand there for hours ... perhaps days. Every once in a while someone can fire a shot from a hidden location into the dirt at his feet. Then a voice can come out of the woods: "Oops! Missed! You hold on, John, while I go get another bullet. Be right back." Finally someone can fire a shot that shatters his knee. "Damn, John! I forgot to allow for windage! Hang in there pal, need another bullet. We'll be right back to finish you off." Then, about an hour later ... the coup de gras. We could put all of this on a pay-per-view channel. I'd pay.

GR4U - I would too!

The most important thing you'll read today

You MUST find out more about this man. You could be where he is someday! Go here, and read every bit of it. Don't forget the links either.


Bush visits Ft Hood wounded WITHOUT a film crew or teleprompter

FORT HOOD, Texas — Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, have visited wounded soldiers and their families after the mass shooting at Fort Hood.

The Bushes made their private visit to Fort Hood's Darnall Army Medical Center on Friday night. Bush spokesman David Sherzer said in an e-mail that the couple thanked Fort Hood's military leaders and hospital staff for the "amazing care they are providing."

An Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, is accused of killing 13 people and wounding 29 others in a shooting rampage Thursday at a Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood. Hasan is hospitalized, under guard.

Quote of the Day

If ever the Time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.

Samuel Adams


Quote of the Day

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.

Patrick Henry

Misc thoughts on the traitor / terrorist attack at Ft Hood

President Barack Obama ordered the flags at the White House and other federal buildings be at half-staff and urged people not to draw conclusions while authorities investigate.

Oh we sure wouldn't want any misjudgments made about that murdering son of a bitch!

"We don't know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts," Obama said in a statement.

Goodness no Mr President...we certainly don't want to jump to any conclusions other than what our handlers provide for us via WH approved spin!

Soldiers reported that the gunman shouted "Allahu Akbar!" — an Arabic phrase for "God is great!" — before opening fire, said Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, the base commander. He said officials had not yet confirmed that Hasan made the comment.

Let's don't pay any attention to the UNOFFICIAL remarks made by eyewitnesses on the scene. Let's wait on the OFFICIAL word to be issued by no one who was present at the time!

The gunman was struck four times by a civilian police officer who also was wounded herself. Authorities said Kimberly Munley fired on the suspect just three minutes after the gunfire began, and base officials said her efforts ended the crisis. Munley was recovering Friday at a hospital and was in stable condition.

Kudos to the officer who showed more balls than the responding officers at Columbine, but how ironic that the largest US military base inside the country, and they're all walking around disarmed. We've learned nothing in the last twenty-five of fighting Islamic terror!

Furthermore, imagine the destruction that could have been accomplished by 100 men with body armor and automatic weapons a la Mumbai! This was one guy with two pistols! Oh ya gotta love those damn disarmed victim zones!

The more news I watch about this, the MADDER I GET

The typical Muslim bendiction before the slaughter

FORT HOOD, Texas – Soldiers who witnessed the shooting rampage at Fort Hood that left 13 people dead reported that the gunman shouted "Allahu Akbar!" — an Arabic phrase for "God is great!" — before opening fire, the base commander said Friday.

Obama's "shout out" takes precedence over news of shooting at Ft Hood

It's three minutes of campaigning and butt kissing before even the first mention of the shootings at Ft Hood.

Absolutely tasteless in my opinion!


We all remember the "Hillary Meal"---small breasts and big thighs.

Now, KFC has announced an addition to their chicken dinners.

It's called the Obama Cabinet Bucket.---It consists of nothing but left wings and assholes.

Beware roving bands of Army Psychiatrists

A man who is a devout life-long Muslim, highly educated, military officer, ethic Arab, and with orders to Iraq, goes on a shooting spree. Previously he has posted comments on the internet sympathetic to suicide bombers, and openly stated the Muslims should rise up and “resist the aggressor”.

Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that this is a clear-cut case of a Jihadi doing his thing for Allah, the media is attempting to merely paint this man as a nutcase or someone just stridently against being deployed to a combat zone.

If I had ever taken the time to learn the poll feature here, I would post this in the form of an interactive poll. But, any liberal readers notwithstanding, I think you know what the preponderance of answers would be. So is this a case of:

1. The actions of a Muslim fundamentalist bent on Jihad

2. A man (like any other) who is grievously distressed at being ordered to war

3. The guns caused it. Without them, Hasan would have remained a mild-mannered Clark Kent type for the rest of his days.

4. He was a nut …just that…and this was simply his turn to pop a gasket.

5. ALL religions cause this crap, and we should be burning Christian churches and crucifying Billy Graham.

I’m going with door number one boys and girls.


He was a "pious lifelong Muslim"

Hasan, born in Virginia, was single with no children. The Austin American-Statesman reported his parents were originally from Jordan.

Nader Hasan, his cousin, told ABC News Maj. Hasan had two brothers, one in the United States, the other in Jerusalem. His parents, said Nader, have passed away. The cousin described him as a pious lifelong Muslim.

We are also being told he was upset about being deployed to Iraq. It mustn't be allowed of public opinion to conclude the motive was Jihad. Good thing they killed him so any awkward testimony can now be avoided.

Mass shooting at Ft Hood Texas - 12 dead

Seven people were killed and 20 wounded when gunmen opened fire at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas just after 3 p.m. Thursday.

One suspect was reported in custody and a second was said to be holed up in the base PX when unconfirmed reports came in of a third gunman beginning to shoot.

The gunmen were in military uniform, witnesses said.

Lt. Gen. Russell Honore, a former deputy commander at the base, told CNN two people on the base told him two gunmen carrying M-16s killed seven and wounded 12. He said one killer was in custody and another was cornered.

All available EMS units in and around Killeen, Texas, were urgently requested to respond to a "mass casualty event" at the base, local TV reported.

KCEN said the shooter had a high-powered rifle and was sniping. (This early statement has proven false. Typical of journalists who don't know a rifle from a handgun!)

UPDATE: One shooter has tentatively been identified as Army Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan.'s a safe bet he's not a Swedish sunday school teacher with a name like that!

Oh so he's an Army psychiatrist. Clearly we need to ban psychiatrists!

Quote of the Day

"I am determined to defend my rights and maintain my freedom or sell my life in the attempt."

Nathanael Greene


The incomparable Oleg Volk

This guy's photography is wonderful, and he's a staunch advocate of the 2A. What's not to like?

I hope you enjoy the samples I've posted here.

Barbara Boxer, all alone

Senator Barbara Boxer is pushing ahead with efforts to cram a cap and trade bill through Congress before the campaigns for next-year’s midterm elections start and paralyze the progress of controversial liberal legislation.

Republicans, though, want to slow her down and vowed to protest a committee meeting aimed at furthering cap-and-trade’s progress because Boxer wouldn’t allow time for an economic analysis of the bill.

It's not like she wasn't warned! She most certainly was.


Update on Honduras

Sickening...just sickening!

Be your own leader

I was alerted to this by Concerned American At Western Rifle Shooters Association. It was actually authored by the blogger at FreedomGuide. It is somewhat lengthy, however it is absolutely ON TARGET. I urge you to read it, and absorb it. Then... act upon it.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them, and these will continue till they have been resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.

-- Frederick Douglass


October 26, 2009 by freedomguide

J. Croft

That’s what I do and that’s what you need to do if you want to survive what’s coming. What’s here now.

What’s here now is the proverbial Fat Lady singing on the preplanned destruction of America. Our America. The jobs are gone, we’ve pissed off the entire planet, we’ve signed over responsibility for our country over to the CEO’s, banksters, lawyers, bureaucrats who have perpetrated our destruction. We’re bankrupt in every measurable way, overstretched, millions are destitute, our cities and infrastructure crumbling or outright imploding.

We by and large can’t even find our own country on a map. Can’t even properly answer why our Ancestors rebelled against the most powerful empire on Earth and won. Or do basic arithmetic in our heads. Balance our personal finances. Discern when we’re being hustled-let alone do something about it. Defend ourselves against the modern day barbarians in the bankster created urban ghettos.

Our Ancestors led themselves, could lead themselves. They were, allowing for the knowledge base, one of the most educated populations in Earth’s history. And they certainly could find their own country on a map-and name all the cities, counties, rivers, mountains, and bordering states.

Our Ancestors knew when they were getting screwed. Tried for decades before that fateful day in Massechuttsettes April 19, 1775 to alleviate, ameliorate what their king and government were doing to them.(Really it’s a pittance compared to what’s been done to us-but that just shows you how totally they’ve screwed us.)

And our Ancestors were able to fight and win against the most powerful government and military on Earth because they knew how to add, read, had business sense, grow their own food, make their own weapons and ammunition. Most of all because they were willing to fight back. At the least take over their local governments when they became corrupt-and after that day on the road back to Boston from Lexington take on the British Army and beat them.

After which our Ancestors expanded, took an entire continent-and after a long series of ill advised wars against Native Americans and each other over slavery forged a nation. Which the banksters and their lawyer and bureaucrat agents twisted into an empire-their America. Then again the banksters have always been in charge. They’ve had to be careful as Americans were smart, self-sufficient, armed, tough and willing to fight…

So they laid their groudwork, the foundation for taming us. After engineering depression and economic calamity to stir up reactions the banksters got approval for a secret convention in 1787. That is where the constitution was written; on the surface a blueprint for divided, distributed government it actually blocked reform, spread responsibility while quietly allowing this American ‘elite’ to maintain control over their presumed subjects. All you need to remind you it was an elitist document cleverly configured to seemingly promote freedom is that slavery was still recognized and a slave was 3/5 of a vote.

It was pushed onto the American People in a classic fear campaign mixed with political blackmail that saw Rhode Island subject to complete embargo to break it. Only the inclusion of a watered down Bill of Rights for the People to hold onto some hope of justice enabled it to pass, become the law of the land.

So the banksters got their government. Then they set out to get our minds.

Education was the logical choice; 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months out of the year for 8 to 12 years the minds of generations of Americans were the plaything of the educators. Steeped in the Prussian school of education-turn out obedient workers and soldiers-they still maintained a high level of learning but instilled in the American regimentation, obedience.

If you can get a person to obey you, you can get them to do anything else you want. Get their kids to trust you, you can start to quietly, subtly degrade their education. In 1909 high school students could read and converse in latin. In 2009 high school kids have to go to college remedial courses to get only part of the education the high school kids in 1909 got before they reached puberty.

The law too gradually became the exclusive playground of the lawyers. See, back in the early days of America people represented themselves in court-they knew the law. A few decades after the 1787 constitution was shoved down our throats the lawyers openly took over, both representing clients and judging. A 13th Amendment banning titles of nobility and prohibiting said persons from holding office… esquire is a title of nobility… was quietly ommitted from public record. Every single judge, representative and public servant who is a lawyer is actually in violation of the law. Try to bring that up in court…

With the takeover by the lawyers and the dumbing down of Americans the next step came with the industrial revolution-the move into the cities. Starting in the 19th century the trend really came into its own after 1900 with the automobile. Millions of Americans regimented to work in the factories instead of running their own lives… gun control began to be applied to all Americans instead of just blacks and indians. And it was accepted by people who never shot a gun, never took care of themselves, depended on the very people who tried to enslave their ancestors.

Next they created the engine for our dissolution with the Federal Reserve Act passed by three traitor senators in secret session on Christmas Eve, along with the Internal Revenue Service Act as a collection service. With the nation’s treasury in the hands of a cartel of banksters-the same banksters who manipulate the stock markets and economy, forced their 1787 constitution down our throats, they had the mechanism to debase the currency when Roosevelt took us off the gold standard and stole Americans gold by law-his first act as President! Replaced with “federal reserve notes”, not even lawful money… they commenced on a century of printing more and more dollars, devaluing the bills in your pocket so you have to spend more to buy. Even after the postwar boom alleviated the effects of bankster created depression and war(Wall Street financed both Hitler and Stalin-ha! ha!)the overall trend was to destroy America with dependence on the bankster owned factories… that would be shipped overseas because its cheaper to pay a Indonesian a dollar a day instead of an American ten dollars an hour. The government made the bankster economic strip mining of their own factories official policy; having been conditioned, trained for generations to work for massah what are a nation of slaves to do? Grow their own food? Start their own business? From local to federal the tax codes and regulations were written to suppress that as much as possible while encouraging dependence on megacorporate superstores and disappearing factory jobs.

What nailed us however was the rise of mass media-motion pictures, radio, television. The best social psychologists were employed to shape, guide the minds of millions of unsuspecting Americans. Guide them into docility, into materialism, into blind patriotism when needed, apathy the rest of the time. All being mediums requiring massive amounts of investment to produce and operate they lent themselves to our enemies machinations. We came to love our oppressors.

Love our idols who made it cool to be stupid, apathetic, selfish, materialistic, ignorant of everything but keeping your wage slave job and the bankster owned sports team you’re trained to live vicariously through. Love our con artists who took us for usurious loans and interest rates. Love our thieves for ever increasing taxes and masking it behind some b.s. public good excuse as they hid the real state of govenrment finances in the consolidated annual financial reports. Love our murderers when they took the lives of people just wanting a job, or food, or promised benefits, or just because they’re a different skin color.

America has been in a 220 year civil war; a war between two Americas….

…Our America, the Land of the Free…

…and the United States government and its controlling corporate interests, it’s millions of laws and millions of lawyers, bureaucrats, and thug cops to enforce them.

…yet it hasn’t been an entirely one-sided struggle.

Whiskey Rebellion, 1791-Western PA farmers used corn liquor made with their humble stills as an alternative currency. Alexander Hamilton however, the architect of the 1787 constitution wanted to quickly assert more federal control. Those farmers, having fought government tyranny when they were British subjects started yet again on the warpath to maintain their basic livelihood. Being President George Washington’s aide d’ camp(a kind of lieutenant with authority) during the Revolutionary War and now Secretary of Treasury he had Washington personally lead an army into Western PA to crush this rebellion before it became a revolution.

Anti-Masonic Party, 1830’s-The Freemasons were the architects of the American Revolution, and ultimately the United States government and 1787 constitution. Naturally the lower level freemasons would move to take advantage, work the local offices, do favors for each other, favor each other over their fellow soldiers (“profane” to them) in battle. Our ancestors formed a party specifically to throw all the freemasons they could out of office, drive them back to their temples…. not quite far enough unfortunately.

Andrew Jackson and the Second United States Bank-President Jackson, a veteran of both the American Revolution and the War of 1812 faced off against the banksters when they wanted the charter for the Second US Bank renewed. Which was a predecessor of the cartel federal reserve system. Thanks to his actions during his term of office America enjoyed a stable dollar for eighty more years-until Americans forgot, nodded off to sleep enough for three traitorous senators to pass the federal reserve act and the 16th Amendment…

Civil War-say what you will about the Confederacy’s defense of states rights to protect slavery(you should) and the latent racism they still put up a hell of a fight against the federal government trying to assert domination over the states. Keep in mind Lincoln didn’t give a damn about blacks, would have kept slavery if they could break the power of the states. And broke they were, allowing the federal government to expand after the war. On the other hand Lincoln’s institution of the Greenback-interest free money straight from the US government to help pay for the war effort-likely contributed to his death as much as slavery or the invasion in the first place.

Battle of Little Big Horn, 1876-the Plains Indians united to oppose gold mining in the Black Hills-promised to them by treaty(the US government never honors treaties). The details of that battle are well enough known but one must realize it was due to broken promises and greed that made the Native Americans make yet another stand. They can only be thankful Custer thought the two Gatling Guns in his wagon train too heavy and balky to be taken into battle-being a quick acting cavalry officer.

Turn of the last century, ordinary Americans worked to death in the factories and mines peaceably revolted repeatedly. They formed unions to organize, form a collective bargaining position because it’s obvious you cannot deal with powerful corporations that practically own you and can literally murder you without any repercussions. The Carnegies, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and the like bought armed thugs, belt fed machine guns and negotiated with bullets and blood. Literal battles were fought and lost-and won by Americans. Eventually the unions won significant concessions from the banksters-so their leadership was co-opted and the unions became another control mechanism for our enemies.

Bonus Army March on Washington DC, 1932-The depression was taking a horrific toll on Americans, with millions out of work, going hungry, starving. Thank the banksters for creating the financial bubbles they popped; they were creating the foundation of desperation that would allow FDR to bring in the “new deal” of socialist control and taxes. First, the American People had to be beaten down to the point of accepting this. The soldiers who braved suicidal marches over open ground against machine guns were starving, their families were starving in front of them. In desperation they made one more march on Washington DC-where Gen. Douglas McArthur, Col’s Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Patton led the U.S. Army against them with cavalry, tanks, aircraft. The shantytown they had build(“hooverville”)was burnt to the ground, murdering hundreds. The Bonus Marchers were unarmed. Probably, the banksters were hoping for such a demonstration so that Herbert Hoover would be blamed for the atrocity, and bring in FDR.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee August 2, 1946-Returning American Servicemen were greeted by a corrupt local govenrment run like a criminal racket. Nothing unusual there-most local government IS corrupt-but if you had a single beer and stepped outside a bar you were arrested, brought to their kangaroo court and robbed. That was just one example, for the criminals had many statutes with which they could profiteer at the expense of the People.

Having liberated people from totalitarian governments in Europe and the Pacific the men of McMinn County decided to do something about it-THEY FORMED A FULL TICKET OF G.I. CANDIDATES TO SWEEP THEIR GOVERNMENT CLEAN. The local criminals in public service tried intimidation-assaulting a G.I., then taking the ballots and a couple G.I.’s prisoner and barricading themselves in the local jail. The G.I.’s did something about that-going to the National Guard Armory, collecting the small arms and ammunition there and laid siege to the jail until dynamite could be procured and used to blow the doors open. The crooks surrendered, nobody was killed and the Tennessee state government declined to interfere, lest a much larger campaign get set off.

The Patriot Movement of today-in spite of all the government disinfo and dissemblers, the agent provocateurs, the systematic and all pervasive thought control and with practically no resources-this movement has been brought low repeatedly only to rise again bigger and stronger. Patriots like Gordon Kahl, William Cooper, Vicky Weaver who were murdered; their deaths only drew attention to how right they have been in resisting the beast. The 90’s Militia Movement which suffered a false-flag attack via Oklahoma City-getting the blame for what the federal government perpetrated, has been resurrected in this decade by the very actions of the banksters and their minions in completing their great and terrible plan. Barack Obama’s election alone resulted in the greatest arms procurement by the American People in history, making any martial law endgame impossible to win in the long run, even if just one out of 10,000 resists. It is imperative however that those in the struggle fight to win.

There are many ways to fight-most of the best don’t involve a single act of violence.

First, you must get ready.

Start with yourself:

Stop watching the TV! Television’s the enemy’s number one mind control weapon. It is propaganda, lies, distraction. It makes you think how the so-called “elite” want you to. Turn it the hell off.

Now that you’ve stopped watching television you’ll find you have a lot more time on your hands. Get in shape: walk, lift weights, do some participatory sport. Better yet, learn how to shoot a rifle, it not only will save your life someday, it instills discipline and a methodical approach in the basic steps of firing the shot that can be transferred to a lot of other areas of your life.

Get on the internet-while it’s still up-and learn about what’s really going on. Don’t just rely on one source, cross examine different viewpoints, develop your own conclusions. Our Ancestors who fought and won the Revolutionary War did, and they didn’t have the net. Oh, and download as much survival and how to information as possible. Especially prized are 90’s survival books. Use a public access computer that doesn’t have a web camera and that you don’t have to register to use, otherwise you might as well be doing this at home.

Cut your expenses, up your cash flow. Entrepenurialship is the way to go-stop working for massah corporation and massah state, getting less than a penny for(ever shrinking in purchasing power)federal reserve note’s worth of work you put in. If you have a trade or skill offer them under the table. If you have land grow extra vegetables. Work the swap meets, flea markets, or start one yourself. Stop paying the credit cards, they are a trap-repudiate the debt. The banksters have been at war with you, return the favor!

If your home is being foreclosed, make them produce the note at the court hearing. If they can’t the foreclosure’s null and void because they cannot prove ownership.

Form or join a survival network-a circle of people you can trust with your life. If you can’t trust them with your life, forget them. Have safe houses and several different ways of getting there. Establish mail drops and dead drops. Have a couple home defense guns at the most for your home, stash the rest with the bulk of your ammo. Get all the rifle training and survival training you can-not just the commando stuff but how to do basic survival stuff, like grow your own food, build, that sort of thing. From your circles will build the Free Communities that will organically grow and become the heart of the resurgence of Our America.

Most important of all establish your own relationship with God. Theological debates aside, all the churches are 501(c)3-that means they are not only censored by government edict, they have become fronts for instilling obedience to martial law and the end of Our America. Shun them and shun those that hear the truth but refuse to heed! Which will force you to find God on your own anyways. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted; calm your thoughts and feel what your heart says. Close your eyes. It will take some time and effort but before long Our Father will speak-now your next task is to learn to listen. Think of God as not a dictator but the one that is overhead and sees the big picture-and wants us to win. He’s guiding us to victory and since God has perspective…

We’d be Free already if more people would listen to Our Father.


Start with your own community. Or a community that’s politically vulnerable-the ruling clique is weak or overconfident and the People are pissed. Follow the example of the GI’s of Athens Tennessee and have a full ticket of candidates-and challenge any attempt at vote fraud. Use the recall election so you don’t have to wait for the next election cycle.

I explain this in much greater detail with my articles, IT’S TIME and RECALL ELECTION: OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME:

Suffice it to state in this article, local political activism, debt repudiation, dollar substitution, the underground economy and basic survival steps are going to be the foundation of the Second American Revolution-not futile Alamo style last stands.


Any organization that you join, has already been penetrated, compromised, or was set up by the enemy in the first place to trap and divert Patriots from being effective. You have to expect this because the government has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo-which is literally killing us.

You must be on the lookout for those that either call for violent action when it would be monumentally stupid, or calls for not taking any action when the obvious needs to be done. This has happened many times. Another attack angle is the operative who will gain prominence, then reveal themselves as a flake in order to discredit the movement.
Deep Cover Operatives-these will be long term agents who will spend years, decades, building up credibility in order to gain leadership. Once they have a powerful following they will divert their organization away from actions that will be the most effective.

Most organizations will be led by good people-but the immediate lieutenants will have agendas, or be penetration agents, deep cover operatives who will monitor the org., take down names, and generally act to sabotage the group. They will automatically deny certain facts. They will sabotage efforts that are the most effective, seek to cut off and discredit those who are being attacked.

Be ready to do end runs around such operatives, as they will have wormed their way into positions of power-since our movement is mostly internet based they will be forum moderators or webmasters. So compile your own e-mails of those you can trust and communicate privately. If the website/org. owner is basically a good guy, get together and bombard his e-mail with messages about the shady characters. If the org is run by a deep cover operative, expose him and run him out-or set up another org.