My position on abortion

An excellent post over at Sipsey Street has gotten me thinking about trying to articulate my position on abortion.

“Choice” is what a woman has before she chooses to lie down and spread her legs. I don’t accept the argument about rape or incest justifying abortion for the simple reason that the child should not be held accountable for the adult’s actions. There are legions of people willing to adopt, so let the child have its chance at life.

I believe that life begins at conception. It matters not to me whether that little embryo isn’t viable outside of the womb. What matters is that it’s alive.

People of this age have raised selfishness to a high art, and have used personal convenience to justify the killing of unborn children. Sex, although fun, is functionally for the purpose of reproduction. So wear a condom, take birth control pills…whatever! But in the event of “failure” the recourse should not be embryonic infanticide.

So-called doctors who took the Hippocratic oath must surely be doing some real mental gymnastics in order to justify to killing of a child. Legally I believe that physicians should face loss of their license for performing abortions. Woman who seek abortions should face social stigma – nothing more. Government should stay out of the entire affair. Roe V. Wade should be repealed and all laws pertaining to abortions be declared null and void. And then, if a woman takes it upon herself to risk her life in order to be rid of the child she conceived, then the risk is hers and hers alone.

It is my understanding that there have been 40,000,000 abortions performed in this country since 1974. That is a hideous crime against humanity in my view. I believe there is an Almighty God that holds both individuals and nations accountable for their conduct. No one can convince me otherwise.

It’s common for the God-haters out there to point out the OT passages where God commanded the Israelites to utterly destroy the Canaanites, and they use that as justification to say that God is not a loving God. Very few of those same people have taken the time to learn WHY God levied such a terrible judgment on the inhabitants of Canaan. The answer is simple. They had a nasty habit of slaughtering their children as sacrifices to the gods, Baal or Molech. In the case of Molech, they had a bronze statue with the body of a man and the head of a beast, and in its hands it held a bronze bowl. A fire would be built underneath the bowl and it allowed to heat until it glowed red hot. Then the child would be dropped naked into that red hot metal bowl.

It is too horrible to contemplate.

But is it any more hideous than invading the womb with a suction device, and then sucking out the broken pieces of what was intended to be a human child?

All I can say is: May God forgive this nation for its wickedness.


Ryan said...

Interesting. It is insightful to know peoples opinions on this very controversial topic.

GunRights4US said...

I've always believed that the hard core pro-child-murder advocates want complete freedom to do with their genitals as they please.

Now in this sense, I am using the phrase "complete freedom" to describe a total disavowment of the responsibilities that always come with freedom: freedom to have sex with absolutely no consequences.

Robin said...

You are spot on about abortion and the rights of the child. The only exception I would make is your analysis of contraception. The reason we have abortion is because of failed contraception. And, the pill actually acts as an abortifacient, let alone the many adverse health issues it can cause to women.
If someone does not want children then they should not be having sex, a procreative act, they should be abstaining until they are married and ready to take on such a monumental responsibility.