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Quotes of the Day!

"It is the privilege of all immature creatures to be protected by their parents, to the extent possible. It is the absolute right of all mature creatures to be protected by themselves."

And again...

"Look, I don't care about the Constitution. This predates and supersedes the Constitution, or any other writing of man."

Joel over at The Ultimate Answer to Kings (who goes on to say a whole lot of other cool stuff about guns and rights that I wholeheartedly agree with!)

Anyone who's had economics 101 will be frightened by this

The beancounters at the Congressional Budget Office issued a brief yesterday entitled FEDERAL DEBT AND THE RISK OF A FINANCIAL CRISIS.

The CBO Director's Blog has an easy to understand summary of that report which anyone concerned about America's future should read.

The rest of you should just continue to read the sports page, or keep watching American Idol on TV.


Activist judge delivers anti-Arizona ruling

I'm sure you've heard by now that some Imperial Federal judge has ruled that Arizona's new immigration law cannot be enacted. Nothing surprising there. The oligarchy that rules over us has seen fit to throw the borders wide open and a mere political sub-unit (formerly known as states) will not be allowed the subvert the intentions of Levithian.

I have not verified the truth of this - but it sure SEEMS accurate to me:

- If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard
- If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.
- If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.
- If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you will be jailed.
- If you cross the Chinese border illegally you may never be heard from
- If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy
and your fate will be sealed.
- If you cross the Mexican borders illegally you will jailed for two years.
- If you cross the Cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political
prison to rot.

- But If you cross the United States border illegally you get:
1 - A job
2 - A driver's license
3 - A Social Security card
4 - Welfare
5 - Food stamps
6 - Credit cards
7 - Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
8 - Free education
9 - Free health care
10 - A lobbyist in Washington
11 - Billions of dollars in public documents printed in your language
12 - Millions of servicemen and women who are willing to - and do - die
for your right to the ways and means of our constitution
13 - And the right to carry the flag of your country - the one you walked
out on - while you call America racist and protest that you don't get
enough respect.

Liberal scientist points out that the emperor has no clothes


Oliver Stone: One of the slimebuckets that seeks to influence American popular culture

Mel Gibson's cheese seems to have slipped off his cracker lately, and he's being savaged in the press for it. I'm not defending Mel, but I would like to point out that Oliver Stone has been saying and doing things beyond the pale for years! Ahhh but Stone is a leftist and doesn't make movies glorifying Christ or Christianity. Ever since Mel Gibson made Passion, his scalp has been well targeted.

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'

Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times today, claiming that America's focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the "Jewish domination of the media."

The director also defended Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and railed against the "powerful lobby" of Jews in America.

Stone said that his upcoming Showtime documentary series "Secret History of America," seeks to put Hitler and Communist dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."

"Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support," Stone told reporter Camilla Long during the interview, which can be found behind the paywall on the Sunday Times' website.

Stone said that, "Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people,
25 or 30 [million killed]."

The Sunday Times interviewer then asked why there was such a focus on the Holocaust.

"The Jewish domination of the media," responded Stone. "There's a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years."

The director, who recently met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, also slammed the U.S. policy toward Iran as "horrible."

"Iran isn't necessarily the good guy," said Stone. "[B]ut we don't know the full story!"

The Scarface screenwriter had even more encouraging words for socialist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who Stone called "a brave, blunt, earthy" man. The director has recently been promoting his Chavez-praising documentary called "South of the Border."

When the interviewer pointed out that Chavez has had a less-than-stellar record on human rights, Stone immediately dismissed the criticism.

"The internet's fully free [in Venezuela]," said Stone. "You can say what the hell you like. Compare it with all the other countries: Mexico, Guatemala, above all Colombia, which is a joke."

While Stone has not been as blunt about his views on Jews and the Holocaust in the past, he has been outspoken in his fondness for Chavez and his disagreements with the U.S.'s policy on Iran.

On ABC's Good Morning America on July 28, the director told anchor George Stephanopoulos that he "absolutely" believes Chavez is a good person, and claimed that there was "there's no pattern of censorship in this country [Venezuela]."

Stone also said that if the U.S. pursued sanctions against Iran, "it's going to be like North Vietnam again."


On flags, and patriotism

An old friend recently sent me a link to a poll on whether or not the US flag should be banned in schools in order to not offend hispanic students. Regarding the perpetually offended crowd, I have nothing but contempt for them. But it did give me cause to reflect on flags and patriotism and what they mean to me these days. Here is my answer to her.

By these comments I am about to make, I am NOT saying I favor banning the US flag. But I do want to share some views of mine that are beginning to form in my mind regarding notions of patriotism, nationalism, and how these concepts relate to the current US regime in power.

First of all let me establish clearly that I love America and all that it used to stand for. America used to stand for liberty, individualism, opportunity for all, and justice applied equally under the law. Only the most seriously blind among us would think that America stands for these things today. Today we stand for group identity politics, equality of outcome (everyone equally poor!), class envy, diversity, and justice only if you’re a member of a favored group. We also stand for murdering the unborn, and the glorification of rank immorality and perversion.

The nation that raised the flag over Iwo Jima is NOT the nation flying that same flag today! I fear my government more by far than I fear Islamic terrorists. I do fear them both, but my government seems to have confused me with Islamic terrorists and seeks to steal all my liberty - in the name of security that they can’t really provide. Not only do they seek to steal my liberty, but they actively steal my hard earned substance through taxes and debauchment of the currency via inflation.

Patriotism should not mean blind devotion to national governments, but too often among too many Americans that’s exactly what’s demanded: Blind devotion. (I am speaking directly to conservatives here) The tells us that terrorism requires that we surrender our rights and submit to gross injustices never previously allowed under the constitution. And followers of the seem to demand that everyone march in lockstep. Well… I don’t lockstep (goosestep) with anyone any more!

How does one separate the nation from the government? How does one love the country – and yet hate the government? My solution to that conundrum is to reassess my priorities of allegiance. They are simply God, family, Constitution – in that order. I know that the men who waded through a storm of bullets to plant the flag on Mt Suribachi were NOT there for Mom, the flag, and apple pie. They were NOT fighting for “The American Way” either. They were fighting for their’s and their buddy’s survival – nothing more. I intend to look to what God’s plan is for this nation, as stated in the Bible, and what his plan is for me and mine – and be faithful to that. And where the Imperial Federal Leviathan has trampled God underfoot, and where it has trampled the Republic underfoot, I intend to resist it with every ounce of my being.

In short, my fervent devotion to “The American Way” now depends entirely on the definition of that “way”. If you use Obama’s definition of it, I am opposed to it down to my very bones! If you speak of the concepts espoused by Jefferson – then I am equally bone-deep dedicated. But there is no way to determine which concepts are being espoused by a simple rag on a stick. I see that flag in the background behind our Marxist president every time he gives a speech! Has it been irredeemably soiled by the likes of O and his cabal of heathens. I do not pretend to have the answer. But I do expect that someday, when my resistance switches from the mere utterances of my mouth to the acts of my hands, I will see that same flag flown by those who intend to kill me.

Thomas said...

"I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

Thomas Jefferson


A history of and a primer on controlling the southern US border

This is a fascinating article that gives real insight into the problems associated with controlling the US border with Mexico. As with so many other areas of American society, the earth worshippers are central to the problem:


The Tucson Sector has received more manpower and technology in the past ten years than any Sector, yet it has not achieved control of its border. The question must be asked, “Why”? The answer is access to the border. Prohibitions against accessing border wilderness areas, wildlife management areas, wilderness study areas, a large Indian reservation on the border and Department of Agriculture forest lands have dramatically hampered the Border Patrol’s ability to patrol and control that segment of the border. At the same time, illegal aliens and drug smugglers aren’t constrained by the prohibitions and are accessing and abusing those areas.

Obscenities of government!

California Official's $800,000 Salary in City of 38,000 Triggers Protests

By Christopher Palmeri - Jul 20, 2010

Hundreds of residents of one of the poorest municipalities in Los Angeles County shouted in protest last night as tensions rose over a report that the city’s manager earns an annual salary of almost $800,000.

An overflow crowd packed a City Council meeting in Bell, a mostly Hispanic city of 38,000 about 10 miles (16 kilometers) southeast of Los Angeles, to call for the resignation of Mayor Oscar Hernandez and other city officials. Residents left standing outside the chamber banged on the doors and shouted “fuera,” or “get out” in Spanish.

It was the first council meeting since the Los Angeles Times reported July 15 that Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo earns $787,637 -- with annual 12 percent raises -- and that Bell pays its police chief $457,000, more than Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck makes in a city of 3.8 million people. Bell council members earn almost $100,000 for part-time work.

Be sure to read the whole article!


Now why couldn't THIS guy be our first black president?

Or even THIS guy!

Now keep in mind dear reader, that I am a red-neck Southern white man. I'm so far to the right that I make Rush Limbaugh look like a leftist. I am SUPPOSED to be a bigot and a racist right?

At least that's what the democrat and MSM template says.



A slam on Harry Reid from beyond the grave

Here's an obituary that recently appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

CHARLOTTE MCCOURT Charlotte M. Tidwell McCourt, 84, of Pahrump, passed away July 8, 2010, after a long illness. She was born Dec. 25, 1925, in Wellington, Utah, and was a 40-year resident of Nevada. Charlotte held a zest for life and loved serving her family of five children; 20 grandchildren; and 65 great-grandchildren. She had been the wife of Patrick L. McCourt for 67 happy years. Active in her community, she assisted in many political figures' campaign efforts. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Charlotte served as a leader in the Relief Society for over 20 years. She and her beloved husband also served a full-time mission in the Cabanatuan Mission in the Phillipines. Charlotte is survived by her husband, Patrick; children, Pat and Nellie McCourt, Dan and Lanny Shea, Bill and Marsha Sortor, David and Sherry d'Hulst, and Tom and Ann McMullin; and many grandchildren. A memorial service was held Saturday, July 10, at the LDS Chapel, 921 E. Wilson, in Pahrump. We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work. Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.

Apparently it's creating quite a stir out in Vegas!


Great video! Turn up the sound

We used to be Free - before Nanny Government

By Executive Order the mayor of San Francisco has banned soft drinks and flavored waters from all vending machines on public property. Posting Executive Orders banning everything from drilling oil wells to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico seems to be the new Orwellian way of implementing departmentalized marshal law in these United States. Remember the good ole days when the people actually voted for those things they wanted or rejected?

Last year the government banned the sale of all books printed before 1985. There was a chance some lead in the print might come in contact with people's skin. Of course, this means I am doomed. Hundreds upon hundreds of volumes have surrounded me for most of my adult life. I have only lived a portion of those years of what could have been a century long run if it were not for poison books.

One reason for my short lifespan could be all the lead based paint on the houses and in the rooms where I resided growing to manhood. Before nanny government stepped in I had this lead based death threat forced upon my person by evil business operators. While on this topic I can't forget the lead in the gasoline, the dozens of lead soldiers I played with as a boy, the lead paint on my bicycles, and all of the lead sinkers I used when I went fishing. No wonder I can never become a centurion.

The government banned religious groups from displaying Christian crosses in the Obama inauguration parade. Christian symbols were also banned from the White House Christmas tree. Nativity Scenes and the Ten Commandments have been banned from the public square. Children in schools have even been forbidden to sing religious hymns at Christmas events.

As previously noted, we all know about the government banning oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska and the ban on fishing, shrimping and shellfish harvesting. There has even been a ban of foreign boats helping to clean up the oil slick and a ban on chemical dispersants. Burning off the oil has been severely restricted.

For some, government mandates are almost as troublesome as those things it bans. For most of my adult years I could use or not use a seat belt. It was my choice until nanny government stepped in. Now I must use one under force of law. My son grew up riding in the back of a station wagon with no seat belt and no child safety seat. He made it with no government assistance. Now all children must be restrained in a government approved seat.

As a boy I enjoyed some great cheeses from around the world. My father was a cheese lover and often brought them home for us to sample. Now, some of the world's finest cheeses cannot be imported, because the milk used is not pasteurized. In truth, the danger of getting sick from raw milk is about on par with getting sick from eating raw oysters.

We all know about the bans on smoking, drinking, drugs and other sinful or harmful practices. Our government has decided it is the overseer of all things that are suitable for its citizens. While it stops the use of these harmful ingestible habits, it has also decided that the word God, prayer in school, wearing American patriotic clothing, pictures of guns and anything shaped like a pill are equally bad for people in need to be banned from public sites.

The point of this silly rant is quite simple... as Americans we do not need our every action, like or dislike decided by a government that has an unbelievably poor track record of getting anything done right. Parents should decide what is good, right or fair for their children. Adults should be able to make their own choices, free of government instruction or guidance.

Remember, freedom does not vanish in one harsh moment. It is lost one step, one inch, one act, one day at a time.

Semper Fidelis

Thomas D. Segel


Vital knowledge for anyone who would shoot to defend themselves

Matthew, over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World, is a apparently a man who knows his stuff. He's posted an excellent essay on those life-changing moments between when you've pulled the trigger and when the cops show up.

It's good stuff he's pointing out; stuff that any serious minded person should know and well remember. I won't attempt to paraphrase or elaborate on his well stated points here. Just go read his entire essay, and in so doing you will acquire some wisdom that could possibly save your ass someday!

If there is one point that Matthew possibly didn't hammer sufficiently hard (in my exceedingly humble opinion), it might be in the things to say, or not to say, once "Babylon" arrives. Note the words of a couple of self-professed LEOs to be found among the article's comments:

Rivrdog says:

You ALWAYS tell the responding investigators that you were in the WORST fear for you life. You tell them that FIRST, you tell them that LAST, and you might throw it in a few times in the body of your statement as well.

Carl says:

Law enforcement officers are now being told NOT to Mirandize subjects in custody unless the officers are going to interrogate them. That means that ANYTHING you say can be used against you. As an LEO I can assure you that Big Brother is changing the way he is doing business with subjects of the gov't. Say nothing, get a lawyer.

And finally, listen to what James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and a former defense attorney, says about talking to the Police: DON'T TALK TO THE COPS!


An excellent audio book I'm listening to

While shopping for something to read at a local bookstore, I stumbled this audio-book His Excellency: George Washington. It occurred to me that I was almost wholly ignorant of our nation's father, and decided to remedy the shortcoming. I bought it.

Thus far I am approximately halfway through the 13 disc set and I have been continually amazed at the things I am learning about the great man. For example I had always imagined that he had greatness thrust upon him, and that his roles as general and president were not offices he sought after. I come now to learn that George was an extremely ambitious man all his life.

Even his marriage to Martha Custis was done for political and economic reasons, even though they later grew to be very fond of each another. Had Martha not burned all their personal letters to one another after his death in 1799, we would undoubtedly know much more about their relationship.

It is also an indisputable fact that Washington was passionately in love with Sally Fairfax, the wife of his best friend! What a shocker eh? It would seem the Founders were human after all.


Libertarian author Vox day expounds on the coming Depression

In an interview format with Ilana Mercer, Vox Day paints a frightening picture of our economic future.

Here's the punchline:

Government can’t fix what government has broken. All of the desperate attempts to “fix” the global economy according to Neo-Keynesian and Monetarist principles are going to fail, state, local, and even national governments are going to default on their debts, and it’s going to be a very difficult road ahead for the next two decades. There will probably be a major war or two as well, as usually happens in times of large-scale economic contraction. But it is a second Great Depression, it’s not the Ragnarok. This isn’t a Democratic problem or a Republican problem and although the politicians will do their best to take partisan advantage of the situation, it is a structural crisis that cannot end until the structure collapses and is replaced with a more economically realistic one. Needless to say ownership—self-ownership, property ownership—will not fare well.

This is a two-part interview. Here's Part I, and here's Part II. I sincerely hope you take the time to read this thoughtfully.