This is just too funny

This from Peter Fonda in an interview given in Cannes:

“I’m training my grandchildren to use long-range rifles,” said the actor, 71. “For what purpose? Well, I’m not going to say the words 'Barack Obama’, but …”

He also said:

"... we are heading for a major conflict between the haves and the have nots."

The reason for this Leftist poster child to get his panties in a wad:

Fonda - a keen environmentalist and co-producer of the film which centres on the explosion of the BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon, the ensuing spill and its consequences - accused Washington of trying to gag reporting on the issue.

"I sent an email to President Obama saying, 'You are a f------ traitor,' using those words... 'You're a traitor, you allowed foreign boots on our soil telling our military - in this case the coastguard - what they can and could not do, and telling us, the citizens of the United States, what we could or could not do'."

Hmmm... I wonder if Peter has talked to his treasonous sister about all this.

One of the comments at the link I just linked to had THIS insightful thing to say:

Well if that ain't the "pot callin' the kettle black". So,,,it's NOT about Barry's Chicago ways. And it's NOT about Barry's ethics. It's NOT about Barry's hatred of America and England. It's NOT about his Marxism and his 20 years in a church that teaches Black Theology. Nor is about the Union thugs he hangs out with or the cozy relationship with George Soros. It's NOT about the message he sent the night he was elected when the whole family showed up dressed in black and red. Nor is it about his statement the day he became Pres...."5 more days until the fundamental transformation of the United States of America"! And, what a surprise..it's NOT about the war in Libya he got us into. Hanoi Jane must be disappointed in her brother :d What it IS about is....his GREENIE AGENDA! What a complete moron.


Jeff Cooper quote

"Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated, but one thing is sure - any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen."

Jeff Cooper, June 1993

Uh... yeah... I see what you mean Jeff!


Something damn sure isn't right!

Ghost32 makes one hell of an observation!

Speaking in reference to the Marine murdered in his own home by the PIMA county SWAT team:

It's going to take some extremely serious evidence to convince this old cowboy that Guerena deserved a shoot-on-sight order, with or without a weapon in his hand. Our troops in Afghanistan are not allowed to shoot bomb-planting terrorists unless the terrorists shoot first, yet here in America the police are authorized to mow down (without warning) a citizen in his own home who hasn't even taken the safety off his rifle?

Read the whole thing. It's on target!

Ordered his wife and baby into the closet, and then was shot 60 times IN HIS OWN HOME!

An Israeli take on Obogo's middle east policies


I remember one time…

I was living in all-services base housing in Kansas City Mo. in the early 80’s. As a young Marine, it was my first time living in a house, with a yard, that I could call my own to any extent. Prior to that time, all my dwellings since leaving the paternal abode had been in the form of barracks, trailers, and apartments. So as bizarre as it may seem, I took a large degree of pride in my hootch, and the yard came with it.

The base housing authority supplied all the fertilizer and grass seed you ever wanted. Water was on the government’s nickel as I recall, and all I had to provide was the lawnmower and the sweat equity. Within a few months, I was in serious competition for “Yard of The Month”. Looking back over the years it’s absolutely hilarious that such a thing would be of such importance to me. My, my… how the times have changed!

One Friday afternoon I came home to quarters and was horrified to see a crew of utility workers tearing the hell out of a corner of my precious lawn. They may as well have walked up and keyed my brand new truck! How dare them son’s of bitches make a mess of my beautiful lawn! I was white with rage.

I glared lightning bolts at the workers, who returned my dagger looks with stark indifference, and then I went inside.

In those years I was working on developing my alcoholism with the same fervor I was focusing on my lawn. Only a short passage of time passed between the closing of the front door behind me and the vigorous consumption of a prodigious amount of Bacardi Rum. The combination of the booze, my anger, and my general disdain for all civilian pukes now produced an act of sheer stupidity on my part – one that if was repeated today would have doubtless sent me to the pokey!

With a .30-.30 Marlin rifle in hand, I stepped out onto my front porch where the yard wreckers (now half-heartedly clearing away their mess) could see me clearly – and I jacked a shell into the chamber.

I hollered out “You damn well better put it all back like you found it!” I didn’t point the weapon towards them; instead I perched the butt of the stock on my hip and directed the barrel skyward. But the threat was obvious – and reaction was instantaneous! You never saw a bunch of guys scramble so fast to toss their remaining gear in the truck and haul butt outta there! (The indifferent looks on their faces disappeared pretty quickly too as I remember!)

Had that scene played out in 2011, the next sound I would have heard would have been the SWAT van pulling up and a bullhorn (maybe) telling me come out with my hands up.

As it was, I found myself standing tall in front of the Commanding Officer at 0800 the following Monday morning. Large chucks of my posterior were vigorously removed, and rightfully so - of course.

Ahhh… to be young – and stupid. LOL


A fishing tale

I was thinking how I wanted to just do a little lite blogging today, maybe something that didn’t in any way refer to the ongoing and accelerating meltdown of our society. As I pondered the range of topics it occurred to me that I hadn’t gone fishing in quite some time, and even though I am a terrible fisherman, it’s still something I enjoy tremendously – assuming of course the fish are actually biting.

My mind wandered back to the all-time greatest fishing experience of my young life:

About eight or nine years ago my then eleven year-old son and I put a little boat into the Saint John’s River here in Jacksonville and set out for a day of inshore fishing. We fished for several hours at a variety of spots with little to show for it, and we’d given up and headed for the boatramp. On the way past a sunken river jetty I decided to anchor up and try one last time.


What happened over the next hour or so was phenomenal. As fast as we could bait a hook and get the line into the water was how fast we were landing fish! We were catching a whole range of species too. Trout, snapper, sheephead, angel fish, reds… you name it; we were catching it! Other than a trip to stocked trout pond once when I was a child, I had never seen fishing like this. It was a novice fisherman’s dream come true.

At first I was trying to identify each fish as we reeled it in. After all – Florida regulates upwards of seventy varieties of fish and sea creatures. There are minimums, maximums, catch limits, and off limits to be considered. There’s no possibility anyone other than a hardcore commercial fisherman can possible know ALL those stupid-assed regulations! But I initially gave it a good faith try.

Pretty soon I realized I could catch fish – or I could read regulations – but not both. So I gave in and “went with it”. Running out of bait finally spelled the end of the outrageous thrills we were having. By this time we had two full five-gallon buckets of every kind of fish imaginable, and we pulled up anchor and headed for the barn.

As I approached the ramp I noted that a Florida Wildlife Agent was inspecting each boat and their catch as they pulled up. We were no exception and the stern-faced government employee walked up and without a word reached into my boat and removed both buckets. Without even a hint of requiring my acquiescence he dumped all my fish out on the ramp and began pushing them around with his foot.

“Uh oh” was all he said. His attention was drawn to a fish the species of which I was unfamiliar with. He produced a tape measure and carefully measured the “evidence”.

“Too short by a quarter of an inch” he announced.

Next he produced a camera and he photographed the fish next to the tape measure. Once done, he tossed the fish into a cooler of ice he had sitting nearby [I suspect the man eats alot of fish for dinner!]. Then he produced his ticket book, asked me for my license, and starting writing up my love note from the State of Florida. It’s about here that I registered a complaint; something along the lines of: “You’re NOT gonna write me up for a quarter of an inch are you?”

The change in the man’s demeanor was instantaneous. He straightened up, took a step back, placed his right hand on the handle of his pistol and demanded to know if I was “going to resist”!

“No I’m not resisting you. I’m just bitching about a ticket. Isn’t that a pretty normal reaction?” says I.

“Bitch at the judge” was his response and he was off to catch the next ravager of the environment.

Angry at the whole business I decided to take the man’s advice, and the following week found me at the appropriate court to contest the matter. After being frisked and herded in distinct bovine fashion into the inner sanctum of “justice” we were addressed condescendingly by another uniform who reminded us to rise from our seats and refrain from scratching ourselves when the judge appeared. The judge did appear shortly thereafter and made a little speech that went something like this:

“I only want to hear you say ‘Guilty’, ‘Not Guilty’, or ‘Nolo Contendere’ when I ask you how do you plead. Anything else out of your mouth and I’ll send you to a cell. If you plead ‘Not Guilty’ know that you must be here each time your case comes up on my docket, even IF we don’t hear your case that day – and the average number of times before it appears is about five times”.

Well… being a working man, I can’t afford to take that much time off from the job to fight this mess! So I resolved to accept my fate and move on. I was then stuck waiting for all the cases in front of me to be processed.

Now in that room there were the following “crimes” represented:

Aggravated Trespassing
Possession of marijuana
Fish & game violations

It was interesting to note that the fine assessed for the first four “offences” was $149. The game violations (there were two of us) were $200! Wow – what an eye opener! By this measurement, I was worse than a shoplifter!

And the final indignity was the addition of $20 in court costs; and thus ended the tale of my greatest fishing trip ever. Or so I thought.

Roll the clock forward about two years when I am interviewing for what has become the best job of my life, and one where I hope to work until retirement. I had been through several interviews and clearly I was in serious contention for the position when the employer calls me and asks me to explain something he found on my background check. He only tells me it’s something to do with a wildlife violation. So I tell him the tale just as I have told it to you dear reader. And my future boss says “Okay that’s all well and good, but what about this charge of resisting a Marine Patrol Officer?”


Jonah Goldberg asks: What's the rush?

Yes, killing Osama bin Laden is a big secret that would be hard to keep for long. Certainly Pakistan would grow agitated if we simply said nothing about the incursion, though sweating the Janus-faced Pakistanis with silence for a couple of days might yield its own intelligence rewards. In other words, even waiting 24 hours might generate some interesting "chatter." The Pakistanis working with Al Qaeda certainly would have been the first to spread the news that Bin Laden was dead or captured.

But the real treasure trove would be that "college library" of intelligence. And while reports are pouring out from a gloating White House that's leaking like the Titanic in its final hours, one can only assume our analysts have barely begun to exploit the data.

Couldn't they have at least tried to give the CIA a week, a day, even a few more hours to look at it all before letting Ayman Zawahiri and the rest of Al Qaeda know about it? Why give him the slightest head start to go even further underground?

Read the article here.

14 signs ...

...that the collapse of the modern world has begun.

#1 - Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis
#2 - The silence of the bees
#3 - The failure of nuclear science
#4 - The vicious pursuit of Wikileaks
#5 - The rise of the medical police state
#6 - Increasing frequency of food shortages and crop failures
#7 - Runaway destruction of the world by energy companies
#8 - The continued GMO contamination of our planet
#9 - The criminal crackdowns targeting real food (raw milk)
#10 - Escalation of the counterfeiting of the money supply
#11 - The plummeting intelligence of the masses
#12 - The utter fabrication of the mainstream news
#13 - The ongoing pharmaceutical pollution of our world
#14 - The radioactive contamination of global food supplies

If purely cultural signs were also considered, this list would be much longer still.


God save us from Statist Bureaucrats

Vin Supryowicz has done a couple of back-to-back columns on his trip to renew his driver’s license in the state of Nevada. They are both required reading for those of us who already are aware of the extent personal liberty is being destroyed in this formerly free country. They are certainly recommended reading for people around you who need to WAKE UP to what’s happening!

It seems that Nevada’s legislature soundly rejected the Real ID Act – but the bureaucrats that run their DMV didn’t get the memo. Here in Florida the state legislature DID approve Real ID and renewing your driver’s license can best be described as having “your nose rubbed in it” by the petty tyrants who have overdosed on authority.

Anyway… give these two excellent columns a read, and start hammering your state legislature and governor to knock it off! (Meanwhile continuing to fantasize about burning down the local DL office, and tarring and feathering every government bureaucrat who ever had a hand in this thing getting started!)




Buried in Accordance with Islamic Tradition!!!

I am pleased as punch that Osama Bin Laden has been sent to the great beyond, and with extreme prejudice. However there are a couple of things that irk me.

First of all, Obama Been Lying standing up there and doing his dead level best to take credit for this galls me to no end. That slimy arrogant bastard turns my stomach every time he opens his mouth. Wasn’t this really the legwork of the same intelligence apparatus that Obama once ordered his Attorney General to investigate? Oh but when their efforts produce a potential political bonanza, Obongo is quick to try and commandeer that for his own personal benefit.

The other thing that irks me is the continuing sensitivity to the followers of Islam. Excuse me! The corpse of Obama….er ….Osama was WASHED and handled “according to Islamic custom”? Have we as a nation become so pussified? If Islamic custom was to kiss a corpse’s ass, would US military officers have ordered those Navy SEALS "turn to" if the Poser-In-Chief had so ordered? It sure makes me wonder!

I don’t recall the followers of Allah ever showing the slightest sensitivity to Western customs. Do you remember March 31, 2004 when the Allah-worshippers in Falujah Iraq ambushed four Americans at a bridge. It wasn’t enough to kill them. They mutilated the corpses, burned them, hung them up, and then made photos and videos as they jumped and pranced around like kiddies at an ice cream party!

My memory also contains scenes of a dead American serviceman being dragged thru the streets of Mogadishu Somolia in 1993 by mobs of … yes, that’s right, Allah worshippers; the adherents of that wonderful Religion of Peace!

Okay, I will admit that for a moment my mind entertained the fantasy of feeding OBL’s carcass to some hungry pigs on live television – in front of the site of the WTC. But I am okay with tossing it out into the ocean like so much garbage.

But could we at least refrain from kissing his ass – even if only figuratively?