She sure looks like a terrorist to me!

More BS from TSA!  An aggressive screening of a disabled child causes the family to miss their flight.  This crap that passes for security at airports needs to stop!  If American citizens are the enemy of their government (which is how they treat us) then let's get down to a state of civil war so we can throw these bastards OUT.  And if WE THE PEOPLE are not the enemy, then why in hell are we still being treated as such?

If American troops overseas are defending my freedom - then they're failing miserably.  I say that because if I am free - why do I feel like a prisoner when I go to the airport?  Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.  Don't tell me I live in a free country - while you're herding me like cattle thru some sort of scanner and patting down my junk.


Can it happen here? Hell... it already has

Found this on Lew and thought it was pretty compelling:

 Acceptance, it has been said, is necessary for change to take place. But most people refuse to accept that America has been fundamentally changed for the worse by Presidents and Congresses past and present. They are not ready to accept that their freedoms have been slowly but surely abdicated. They ignore the fact that the police state is tracking and monitoring everything they do. They are in denial about the existence of facilities where they will be herded if a national emergency is declared and that a government control grid has been put into place to handle what they know is coming. They're not willing to accept that they are no longer individuals, but rather, property of their government and those special interests who control it, and that their land, resources and very lives can be seized by Presidential decree If history is any guide it tells us that humanity never seems to change (or accept what is happening) until we are at the very precipice of disaster – and then it's often times too late.

An interesting perspective on the Martin case

Bare Naked Islam - The Truth About Gaza

BNI peals away all the lies and bullshit about Gaza and the West Bank.

... in pictures...

Prepare to be shocked by what you see here.