Gun, Gold, Secession

"The speed with which the federal government intends to take over private institutions and usurp states’ rights and individual autonomy is unprecedented. When the Bush-Obama regime maneuvers are compared to the Hoover-FDR New Deal era, it looks like today’s hare vs. yesterday’s turtle. The state’s various propaganda arms, from big media to institutionalized special interest forces, are being empowered to publicize and sell the agenda of the totalitarian state by painting it in glossy colors that warm the hearts of unresisting Americans. There are, however, growing pockets of dissenters who conclude that life, liberty, property, and the futures of their children are more important than the trivial things that occupy the minds of the submissive class. For that reason, the state’s militarized police force, which has been given unparalleled powers by the contrived crises following 9-11, has snowballed in size and is being fortified in expectation of confronting rebellion from those citizens who intend to resist the tyranny of an over-reaching Leviathan."

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This chick is rapidly becoming my favorite blogger!

Here's her archive of articles at LewRockwell DOT com

And here is her personal blog. It's down for maintenance right now however.


Anonymous said...

Nice legs, indeed. Kind of flat, though.

Anonymous said...

I could overlook that, though, if she brought a BAR to the table.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to read her blog but I couldn't find the link!

GunRights4US said...

My mistake. I intended to put some link out there but I got distracted I guess.

I agree about the BAR. Any check who brings a BAR to the ...table, gets a pass from me!