Why there will always be tyrants

I see in the news that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has left the earth for his appointment with Satan.  Only the willfully ignorant refuse to accept that the man was a tyrant.

I've read some of the comments being published by the propaganda ... err... the press, and one in particular caught my eye:

"He was our father..." said Carlos Perez, a municipal worker (recipient of a government check).

So long as there exists the view that government can serve the role of a father, there will be people who are content to be treated as children.   So long as there are people who crave their neighbor's substance, there will be the politician willing to take from Peter to give to Paul - at gunpoint if need be.


This is hilarious

Take careful notice how OBiden says that a shotgun is easier to shoot and easier to aim than an AR-15.

On another note entirely, WHAT is that androgynous thing that's interviewing him?  I truly cannot tell if that is a sissy man, or  woman dressed to look like a man.