He shot a tractor ... and destroyed his own career


After receiving permission from his battalion commanders, Waddell ordered Marine snipers to open fire on the man, and he was hit. A group of Afghans rushed to the man, put him on a tractor and attempted to flee. Waddell ordered the snipers to hit the engine block of the tractor, disabling it so the man believed to be a bomb maker would not escape. The tractor was hit but no civilians were injured.

Then, about three weeks later, the civilians who helped remove the wounded man from the area were found to be teenagers.

As a result, Waddell was demoted from executive officer, and the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Seth Folsom, determined he had violated rules of engagement that governed when Marines could fire, and at whom. Folsom said Wadell "is not recommended for promotion" and "in violation of [combat rules] during an engagement." The report stated that "noncombatant local nationals" were in the area of direct fire and that "the engagement resulted in a damaged local national vehicle."

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GR4U - Why the hell do heroic young men want to serve this rotten corrupt empire any longer? Please don't give me any of that crap about having to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here! Our government is fighting US, it's own citizens! If freedom is being defended by our troops, then someone needs to redeploy our troops to every airport in America, because freedom is under a much more egregious assault in American airports than it is in Afghanistan!

Oh and here's another heroic young man who gave his life for "freedom" and will never see his newborn son


Of steaks, dry cleaners, and little old Japanese ladies

Over thirty years ago I was stationed at Quantico Marine Base outside of Washington while attending Embassy Guard training. A large part of being an embassy guard is looking great in the uniform, and I remember changing uniforms at least twice a day while going thru that program. Consequently MSG students spend a tremendous percentage of their paychecks on dry cleaning costs.

There was a Japanese lady who owned a dry cleaners there in Q-town, and it came as no surprise that she drove a huge Cadillac sedan. She and her staff worked seven days a week, and they did fabulous work too. They weren’t cheap, but you got your money’s worth!

Too many years have gone by for me to remember those lady’s names, but I can remember their faces like it was yesterday. Owner Lady and her sidekick were all business – all the time, but they were always personable, and if they made a commitment to have something done by a certain time, they wouldn’t let you down.

After spending three months there at Quantico learning to be embassy guards and enriching the local cleaning industry, there came the day when me and my buddies received our orders and would soon be shipping out. So when we three came into the cleaners for perhaps the last time, we told the ladies of our impending departure.

Now… allow me to point out here that Quantico is the Marine’s educational command. That is where it trains all of its officers, embassy guards, and a host of other school programs. So young Marines are constantly coming and going there. Thus my friends and I were kinda surprised that the Japanese ladies seemed truly upset that we were leaving soon. After all – we were just three guys among hundreds or even thousands of Marines passing through.

Imagine a thick Japanese accent when reading this: “You boys numba one customa. You boys come by shop Sunday – 2 oclock. I fix you goin away meal!”

As promised, Sunday at 2 oclock we showed up the cleaners – not quite knowing what to expect. The first surprise was that the shop was closed. We knocked on the door which opened quickly and we were ushered inside. We followed our gracious host thru the back part of the building where we’d never been before, and out onto a sort of patio that was the utter contrast of the crowded and cluttered cleaning shop. It was a Japanese garden done in the zen simplistic style. We were bade to sit on mats around a low table and Owner lady served up steaks straight from the grill. We had all the fixings ta boot: salad, vegetables, and various dipping sauces as well.

Owner lady suddenly remembered something: “You… look in coke machine in shop. Door already open. I have beer inside for you boys”. I went and looked and sure enough, she had one whole slot of the coke machine filled with beer!

We were treated to a “numba one” steak dinner and all the cold beer we could drink. The ladies all bustled around waiting on us like we were kings. I have often thought of those ladies, and many times wondered what became of them. I have also wondered many times why they chose to entertain we three particular jarheads out of the hundreds that visited their shop regularly. At the time, to ask “Why us?” seemed liked an act of complete ungraciousness, and there was no way in hell we would have wanted to offend those very proper Japanese ladies by acting so boorishly.

It is a memory that I will cherish the rest of my days, of that I am absolutely certain.

Happy Birthday Old Man

In memory of my father


In my humble opinion, the sexiest thing I have EVER seen

Leaving behind for the moment all politics, and everything else that serves to grind down our existence, I thought I would share with you the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on: Selma Hayek as the Vampire Queen!


The Emerging One-Party Empire, and How to Deal With It

This is a piece by Michael at the Southern Nationalist Network that I thought was very compelling. This passage in particular resonated with me:

There is nothing we can do to change Washington, DC, but we can work towards making the Feds and their connected institutions less relevant in our local area. We can marry younger and have more children, thereby preventing the elimination of our people. We can educate our own children rather than sending them to government schools, thereby transmitting our culture and values to another generation. We can engage in institution building rather than waste efforts trying to change institutions that are beyond reform.

Yes dear Reader - I am a hardcore Southerner. Once upon a time it was much easier to think of America as one country. But these days it appears we're heading for some kind of Balkanization of the former American Empire.

Considering that my fifth Great-Grandfather landed in South Carolina around 1732, and his sons and grandsons spent the next 280 years in SC, Georgia, and Florida, then is it any wonder where my allegiance should lie?


Some Pete, but mostly Repeat

There really is such a thing as writer’s block ya know. I’ve had a case of it for some time now, and the desire to bang away at the keyboard has waned within me. Much of it is surely profound disgust at the way I see things going in the world around me. I’m starting to feel like a 5th century citizen of Rome! And how much can you say, that hasn’t already been said, about the fall of Rome\America?

In any event, I was looking back at some of the things I’ve penned here in the past (in attempt to find inspiration methinks) and stumbled across one or two things I’ve said that bare repeating - if I say so myself!

We are becoming a nation of squealers


Our kids have been brainwashed - The Gimmie Generation is here

If you watch this video, and if you believe that the professor is telling the truth about what attitudes he found among his students, then America is truly doomed.

Thanks to Curtis for digging this one up



How the news media MAKES the images that you see of the middle-east conflict.