Prezbo got caught blowing smoke

Barack Obama: "In some countries a single-payer health care system 'works pretty well.'"

Media: "What countries?"

White House: “We’re not really sure.”

Just imagine Bush or any previous republican president trying to bluff his way through like that.

What a sad sick joke this administration is. And the joke’s on us!


Rio Arriba said...

Google "Walpin Inspector General White House" or some such and read about a "Chicago-style" firing due to an IG interfering with an Obama supporter. We're going to hear more about this. (Wall Street Journal had an editorial on 6/16 about it.)

This needs to be more common knowledge.

The Other Mike S. said...

What?! Barry lied or just made crap up? I'm shocked!

Of course, the MSM will carry the, "people love it" quote, and conveniently not cover the, "he pulled it out of his ass" portion of the story.

Anonymous said...

He can get away with damn near any stupid thing. No matter how bizarre, his followers just nod their heads in agreement and bask in his glow.