Isn't murder a hate crime?

Well I hear on the radio this morning that the authorities are considering filing hate crime charges against the holocaust museum shooter. Isn't murder the ultimate hate crime? What matters it the reason he did it? Isn't it sufficient that the man killed someone?

These are rhetorical questions of course. I already KNOW why. The government is extending its search for power inside our heads. We're busy galloping towards the society Orwell envisioned when he wrote 1984.


The Other Mike S. said...

I wonder if they'll also file federal hate crimes charges against the black Muslim that killed the white soldier.

Hate crime laws are idiotic. The person is no more or less dead, beaten or robbed because of the motivation of the assailant. It is the ACT that needs to be punished, regardless of the motivation.

Rio Arriba said...

This "hate crime" business is not really about murder, or crime. It's about establishing a pattern of public thought that accepts the concept. Once the concept is accepted it will become easier to criminalize all sorts of "thought felonies." One of these TFs, of course, will be believing that one has a right to self defense and also has a right to own a weapon to accomplish such self defense.