Damn good sense here

No one at the nation level is saying what Alan Keyes is saying here.  Listening to this strengthens my personal resolve to NEVER again vote for the lesser of two evils.


Just a "small world" story

Twenty-two years ago, when my youngest son was just an infant, my family spent the day moving into some low rent apartments.  Things were tough for us financially at the time and we had to accept that this was all we could afford. 

After a hard day of moving furniture with the help of a couple of friends we went a few blocks to a burger joint to eat supper.  Returning to our new digs a scant half hour later we were amazed to see legions of police cars, a circling helicopter, and a couple of ambulances just a few doors down.  It seems that a drug bust in an adjoining apartment had gone bad and two cops were shot all to pieces – one dead, one seriously injured.

That night we didn’t sleep a wink, and the following morning we reversed the previous day’s process and moved the hell out! 

My youngest son has heard this story all his life.  Now he’s a medical student working towards his doctorate and he works part-time at a local orthopedic clinic.   Today he was interviewing a patient whose current complaint stems back to injuries received 22 years ago when he was a police officer and got shot during a drug bust.  One question led to another and … you guessed it… it was the cop who survived the shooting that night in the apartment a few doors down from us.

Small world huh?


This description of DHS really resonated with me

Remus, the gentleman that runs The Woodpile Report, is someone whose insights are well worth considering. This is an excerpt from a recent posting of his that really hit the nail on the head. If you're not regularly reading this fellow's musings you're missing a free dose of damn good sense.

Take special note of the Department of Homeland Security. It very nearly stands apart from government proper. The 'best fit' is the Sicherheitsdienst, with a touch of Red Cross for cover. The DHS repeatedly reveals itself as malevolent, incompetent, devious and gratuitously violent. It's beyond libel, no surprise, the place is a honeypot for ambitious political preeners, affirmative action incompetents and time-serving misfits, in short, a settling pond for overachieving sociopaths and their sycophants. You'll have no difficulty so bad they won't make it worse and feel good doing it. You have no rights DHS is bound to respect and it has a talent for inventing new forms of terrorism to discover. Also be aware the upper reaches of DHS have a reputation for preferring aggressive sexual deviants, currently displayed most overtly in the weird bullying and outright molestation of innocents by the TSA. With the absolute power a national calamity would confer on them, and assuming continued support from a reportedly compromised White House , the entire DHS is poised to become an armed pimpocracy.

Read the rest at The Woodpile Report

Drop what you're doing and read the latest by Matt Bracken

What I saw at the coup


Warnings of the coming crash are growing louder

David Stockman was Ronald Reagan's budget director, and I remember him as the once-upon-a-time bright young man of Washington. In this interview with CNBC talking heads he skewers both political party's fiscal strategy - and correctly points to the FED as a major root cause of the coming collapse.

Matthew Bracken, author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, has penned an essay that provides what I believe is the MOST prescient glimpse of America's near future. Bracken has done his homework to understand both the historic and economic basis for his predictions - and as a former Navy SEAL he has an excellent understanding of tactics and strategy.

Wall Street executives are retiring in record numbers all of a sudden. So many in fact that it's been noticed and someone has taken the time to list them here. What do they know that we don't know?

That slimy globalist George Soros has made a major change in his portfolio recently. What does he know that we don't know.

My friends, these things warrant serious consideration.

Got ammo?


Who do YOU belong to?

As I watched this amazing video I kept remembering a line I read a few years ago in Jonah Goldberg's excellent book Liberal Fascism:

"Fascism - the cult of unity!"

H/T to WRSA for pointing this out.