America's brightest being interviewed about Israel and the Middle East

... and the kids don't know their ass from their elbow!

Mark Schiff interviews students at UCLA (sorry I couldn't get this video to embed)


Alarm at the office

I watched a massive trophy buck canter boldly across an Alabama clear cut in broad daylight. The excitement built within me as I placed the crosshairs of my riflescope on his shoulder and my finger caressed the trigger.

The phone by my bed rang insistently and I was yanked from my pleasant dream into hearing my company’s alarm service telling me that there were multiple motion sensors being activated at my office; the police had already been notified.


I jumped out of bed, pulled on my britches (the ones that did NOT contain my wallet with my DL and CWP) and headed for the door. The clock on the wall said 12:17 a.m.

My 21 year-old son was still up playing video games and I asked him if he wanted to respond to what seemed to be an obvious break-in at my office. He quickly dropped his game controller and grabbed his Glock and we headed out the door.

Twelve urban miles, and 18 minutes later we rolled up into the parking lot and found that there was a power outage in the area; everything was pitch dark except for a few battery powered lights inside the building.

There were no police to be seen as we circled the building looking for signs of forced entry. After a few minutes, and a brief discussion between us of how neither one could prove our identity (he’d left his wallet at home too), we wondered whether we ought to back off - or go in.

That’s about the time we spotted Barney Fife’s spotlight down the street searching for the address – and going the wrong direction.

Let’s do this.

We entered the front entrance and locked the door behind us. No sense in allowing Barney to come back and enter the building behind us!

By this point the power outage is no longer even on my mind. There is sufficient lighting from the emergency lights that we can see well enough. What IS on my mind are the three previous burglaries we’ve had in the previous eight years, one of which where the burglar surgically removed a pane of glass from an out of the way spot not easily seen from the parking areas.

I disable the audible alarm and we both think we hear something in the ensuing silence. Carefully we make our way down the main hallway with flashlights and pistols at the ready.

Suddenly the power comes back on.

In a microsecond the building goes from being quiet as a tomb to the sound of dozens of printers, copiers, fax machines, and PC’s powering up. In just a second or two it registered what was happening. But for the first half of that initial second as we listened to whirring, clicking, and assorted and sundry odd sounds from all around us, there was an involuntary puckering of the anus accompanied by the hair on the back of our necks standing straight up!

We cleared the building with no further incident and locked up and left.

The police department never made an appearance, and on the way home we had a good laugh at ourselves, but for that split second we both agreed:

“That scared the sh*t outta me!”


If ONLY he had let the thief come on in the house!

This story leaves me absolutely speechless!

Man facing 105 years in prison for shooting at would-be thief

UPDATE: They've dropped the charges, but too late to recover ANY semblance of a normal life.



This morning my receptionist came to work as usual. Apparently she had a doctor’s appointment around mid-morning and realized she’s left her insurance card at home. So she drove home to get it. She found her home burglarized and vandalized! What the thieves couldn’t steal, they destroyed. The bastards even killed the family cat. I have never met her husband, but she is a sweet girl that doesn’t deserve this kind of heinous act.

As you might imagine, this is the talk of the day around my office. The #1 big boss man then told me that last weekend the son of the #2 big boss man was laying on his couch dozing on a Sunday evening. His wife was in the shower. A sneak thief eased into the house thru an unlocked sliding glass door and tiptoed right past the man sleeping on the couch. He was awakened to the sound of his wife’s screaming as she encountered a strange man standing in her bedroom when she came out of the shower. The crook bolted past the dazed homeowner and was gone in a flash.

I hear that the FBI’s crime statistics report shows crime steadily decreasing these days… but that’s certainly little comfort to these homeowners who have had their very sense of security ripped away.

Come into MY home uninvited, and I promise you… if I am there, you will die a most wretched death!


War dead abominations

The Empire has well-conditioned it’s subjects to honor the armed forces, and rendering homage to the uniform is a basic tenet of civic religion among the warlike right. I should know as I was a rock-solid believer for most of my adult life.

Unfortunately, the Empire doesn’t practice the same degree of honor that it preaches for its war dead. Whether its gross mismanagement at the cemetery, or equally gross mismanagement at the mortuary, America’s war dead are not given the careful treatment and respect we’ve been taught they deserve.

Best book I've read in quite some time

I know we are all inundated with books giving reasons for why our society is swirling in the bowl, but this one is particularly good.


Cop versus Cop

This is unusual to say the least. A Florida Highway Patrol unit pulls a Miami County officer over for speeding, and pulls him from the car at gun point.

The FOP is coming down on the side of the Miami Cop, and FHP is standing by their patrolman.

A cursory read of the various comments trailing these articles reveals that the cops (as expected) are all firmly of the mindset that one cop should cover another cop – no matter what!

Conversely, the typical citizen commenter sees cops as being subject to the same laws they are subject to.

The patrolwoman Donna Watts is taking some fierce fire from her fellow officers it seems. She obviously has more belief in her principals than the typical tax feeding state-pensioner wanna-be.

Kudos for her I say!