A Thanksgiving soliloquy

I am thankful for:

Jesus, my hope of salvation; both personally and for those whom I love. He is risen!

My family. Most of them are pretty darn cool. Seriously though... words cannot express how much I love them all.

My friends. I am fortunate to have a small cadre of friends that are of such quality that I would have no hesitation to entrust to them my life or the lives of my family.

My job. I work for the best people imaginable, in the best company imaginable.

My nation. I love my country immensely and I am deeply pained at its decline and impending destruction by traitorous politicians aided by collectivist ideologues and a lazy materialistic and apathetic populace. To my countrymen I say: “You’re going to miss this thing called Liberty – once it’s gone!”

My rifle.

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will...

My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...

My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...

Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace!


Ridiculous news item of the day

Two things come to mind here. First, that MUST be some awesome fried chicken, and second - what ya bet she voted for Obama?

Read this

Is this TSA crackdown payback for the election?

I have to admit that this had not occurred to me prior to reading this comment to a blog elsewhere:

When [are] you all going to realize these pat downs are our (the American people's) punishment for the 'shelackin' (Obama's word) we gave Obama on Nov 2nd? This is Obama's revenge. When did the 'enhanced' security measures kick in? Nov 1st, a day before the election that everyone knew would be a bad day for Obama. Also notice in today’s news Velma Hart, the woman who stood up and told BO that she was tired of defending him has been laid off from her gov't job. I don't think this is all a coincidence. This is a very angry man-child we have for a president. The next 2 years will be a bumpy ride.

To accept this as a possibility one must simply buy into two basic truths:

First – our government is capable of any dirty trick imaginable! Haven’t they already proven that time and time again?

Second – Obama is personally a very hateful and vindictive man. He has proven this repeatedly as well. You merely have to read either of "his" two books to discover the vitriol this man has in his heart.

The collectivist leadership personified by the likes of Obama, Napolitano, Reid, Pelosi et al, are all absolutely committed to the idea that THEY know what’s best for America. And the American people’s wishes on any issue are utterly ignored; think Obamacare here – the nation said NO resoundingly, but via backroom deals, arm-twisting and no doubt other dirty tricks, that legislation was forced upon us. Now add a generous dose of Obama’s petulance and vindictiveness, and I think the idea of payback for the election’s results is not outside the realm of possibility at all.


Our government just loves to make lists of people!

This article is dated, but given what's going on right now at your local airport, it's still highly relevant!

TSA Keeping List of Misbehaving Passengers
May 26, 2010 2:35 pm by Carl Unger

USA Today reports that in addition to terrorist watchlists and no-fly lists, the government is tracking airport threats of another kind: Frustrated (but otherwise harmless) passengers. Or, more specifically, frustrated travelers who let their emotions get the better of them.

"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it is keeping records of people who make its screeners feel threatened as part of an effort to prevent workplace violence," writes Thomas Frank, meaning "airline passengers who get frustrated and kick a wall, throw a suitcase or make a pithy comment to a screener could find themselves [on the] little-known Homeland Security database."

Now, the list is small, meaning two things: Incidents like this are rare, and incidents bad enough to warrant placement on the list are even more so. The list presently consists of roughly 240 incidents, some 30 of which involve attacks against TSA officials. So, what gets you on the list? Anything from verbal threats to physical bullying, pulling a weapon, or intentionally scaring TSA employees by punching or kicking things.

Still, the potential privacy violations have people concerned. According to USA Today, "A TSA document published in February says database information can be given to government agencies and to airports, airlines and rail and bus systems in cases involving their workers or job applicants." American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Michael German told USA Today, "there's a potential for the misuse of information or the mischaracterization of harmless events as potential threats."

I have to say I agree. A traveler acting like a jerk in an airport is probably not a credible threat to air safety, and should be handled by local police or airport security. Maintaining a watchlist seems like a waste of the TSA's energy and resources, and, given the isolated nature of these incidents, probably isn't that useful in the long run.

That said, my feeling is that if you do something bad enough to land on this list, you probably deserve whatever you get. Airport security is one of the most frustrating aspects of traveling, but that's no excuse for lashing out at TSA officials who, for better or worse, are simply doing their job. [Excuse me Mr Government Propagandist, but weren't the guards at Auschwitz just doing their jobs as well? And didn't the ruling at Nuremburg completely destroy that as a form of acceptible excuse?] They don't make the policies they enforce, they simply scan your bags and look for suspicious materials. Could some of them be friendlier? Could some of them use a little more common sense? Sure. But so could many travelers. [And couldn't they conclude that theirs is a Liberty-destroying occupation that ushers in Tyranny. Go get a job somewhere else for Pete's sake!]


Quantitative easing explained

John Galt's solution to the tyranny of the TSA

The Solution to TSA Groping and Scanning

By John Galt
November 16, 2010

The story of John Tyner has proven to be another black eye for bureaucrats nationwide and a reinforcement of the warnings after September 11th that hiring burger flippers to handle security positions would end in a disaster. The disaster in this case though is not a terrorist attack or threat thereof, but another abrogation of that damned piece of paper behind the glass which used to be the basis for the rule of law inside the United States. Tonight on my radio show I discussed a solution, a brilliant one I might add, as proposed by my charming wife during a conversation we had earlier.

The presumption behind a pat down and grope your groin search is that you, the passenger, are guilty of hiding something. The same philosophy or idea can be applied to the full body scanner which pilots are objecting to now due to the invasion of privacy. Thus the premise that you are guilty before being declared innocent and allowed to proceed is the methodology used by the TSA which is a direct violation of the concept of Due Process.

Thus if you are flying a simple solution. These cards can be typed up or written up on an index card or feel free to print this screen and hand it to your grope happy TSA agent when you fly:

If you are going to be treated like a criminal, politely ask the officer two questions:

1. Are you a law enforcement officer?

2. If so, are you willing to abide and uphold the Constitution as per the oath you have sworn to uphold?

Presuming both questions are answered “yes” then per the Supreme Court ruling of Miranda v. Arizona you wish for your rights to be read to you as per the card above, in the event that a violation to your Constitutional right of due process is incurred by the actions of the TSA officer.

No guarantees you’ll get on your flight, but in my non-legal non-binding opinion, this might hold water in a court of law since there has been no warrant issued nor reasonable causation for such a search to take place. In other words demand to be Mirandized every time you are pulled out of the line for the body scanner or gropefest inspection. If that doesn’t work, just remember the Stasi had other methods to force its citizens to cooperate also.

In the mean time, I’ll continue my course of action by persuading others not to fly and hoping that once two or three major carriers go bankrupt, again, that perhaps they just might figure this out and the EL AL security solution might finally be adopted to put an end to this insanity.

GR4US: What we Americans endure at airports these days is surely causing the corpses of men like Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry to spin like tops in their graves.

Even a moment's worth of dispassionate and objective review should reveal that what masquerades as "security" is nothing more than security theater! And if you doubt me, be sure to follow that link AND then review some of the sheeple's comments found anywhere there's an internet debate about current TSA practices. Time and again you will read some variation of: It makes me feel safer.

Well hell! I feel safer carrying my .40 wherever I go too. But they're not going to let me fly with it. But maybe therein lies the real solution to this Liberty-stealing mess.


Organizations funded by George Soros; they're working hard to erase America

For many years I have used the analogy of 'a tick which threatens to engulf the dog' as a perfect description of the US Gubmint.

Now here’re the fleas, that aid the tick, in killing the hound named Republic

You should be acutely aware that these fleas are funded by a man who believes America is the biggest obstacle to the one world government he desperately strives for.

It's good to have a vision

And here is a vision I share!

Reflections on Veterans Day

Do not misconstrue anything I am about to say here as being about ME. I am simply using my own experience as anecdotal evidence to support a point I wish to make.

My service as a Marine can easily be pointed to as a defining aspect of my character. Simply put: I have been Corps-ized. The pride I have in being a Marine is so pervasive in me that it positively oozes from every pore of my skin. I number the date I graduated from Parris Island as being among the most memorable days of my life; easily ranking with the birthdates of my children or the date I was married to my wife of nearly thirty years. It is not uncommon for me, when dealing with strangers, for them to say something like “you were in the service, weren’t you?”. And while I may criticize the Corps to others who wore its uniform; I will not tolerate criticism from those who did not.

Yesterday was Veterans Day. If you are a Veteran of the US armed forces, it is my sincere hope that someone walked up to you and said Thank You for your service.

That did not happen to me yesterday. I reached the end of a very long workday (12 hours in fact), and I came into contact with many people who know me and are well aware that I am a Marine. Yet the only mention that was made to me about the specialness of the Day, or about my service to my country, came from a cousin on Facebook. Again…this isn’t about me in the least. It is an observation made of how many people who consider themselves patriotic, yet can’t remember to thank the veterans that are all around them.

As a side note let me point out that it’s NOT a job, or an adventure – it’s service. Service to the nation with very little expectation of much in return. A serviceman writes a blank check to his country, payable for an amount that is up to and including his life. Doesn’t that deserve a “Thank You” at the very least?

May God bless our servicemen and women, and God bless the Republic.

1978 - 1985

Book report

If more Americans had cared enough to read this book, Obongo would have never been elected to even the office of dog catcher!


What media pukes think of people like us

I've received a request to get Bill Maher's ugly mug off my blog. But do go watch the video. You need a little righteous anger in your day!


It won’t matter, I know I know. But it can’t hurt. As for giving legitimacy to a failed system - there’s some truth to that. However there is a larger principal I serve: I want to be able to say I did EVERYTHING within my power to bring about a peaceful restoration of *Liberty in America.

Remember that the solution to 1984 is 1775

God bless these United States.

* Real Liberty – not flag waving 4th of July crap!