Can someone explain this to me?

So I'm doing a little family tree work right?  And I find an ancestor who died at Camp Morton, a  Union Prison Camp in Indianapolis, Indiana.  During the War of Yankee Aggression there were over 1,700 Confederate POWs that died at Camp Morton.  These men are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

A Wikipedia article tells us that this is "a number considerably lower than most Union Camps".  Yet, between 1863 and June 1865, the camp's population saw an average of 50 deaths a month from disease, hunger, and exposure.  Clearly Camp Morton was a horror.

Private James H. Eidson died there shortly after Christmas in 1864.  He left behind a wife and as many as eight children who never learned of their father's specific fate.  All they knew for sure was that he was sick when captured at Kennesaw Mountain.  Beyond that he was simply never heard from again - as testified in the widow's pension application of 1891.

So you can imagine dear reader how pleased I was to find this man's final resting place.

What a nice place to wait for Judgment Day eh?  But wait…

Look a little closer.  What's that?

An American Flag?  At the grave of 1700 Confederates?

There's another one!

Really? Is this appropriate?  In what universe does this make sense?

I realize that everything Southern is now being castigated and denigrated, and the Confederate Flag is routinely attacked and vilified. Crapping on the South is the "in thing" these days.  But placing the flag that these men FOUGHT AGAINST on their graves!  Really?

Somehow if it were possible to talk to this particular ancestor of mine, I'll bet you anything that he'd take a dim view of his resting place being decorated with the US flag.

I have another ancestor who survived the Yankee invasion, but lost an eye at the Battle of Atlanta.  But that still didn't remove him from the fight.  However his leg was badly crushed a couple months before the surrender while riding a troop-train that derailed in eastern Alabama.  Something tells me he wouldn't appreciate his grave being festooned with a US flag.

Lastly I have an ancestor killed at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.  That man left behind a wife and nine children.  That woman and her kids lived in a pine bark hut the winter of 1865.  You put a Yankee flag on his grave and his corpse might just jump up and punch you right in the mouth!

These men fought for their country - Georgia.  Their country was raped, pillaged and burned by the likes of this war criminal, and their descendants have all been programmed to love the Tyrant.  I suppose the final insult of having a US flag waving over their grave was to be expected.

Here's my last word on the subject.


Quote of the Day

I'm sure that by now you've heard the controversy over the rodeo clown appearing in an Obama mask at the Missouri state fair.  How dare anyone actually lampoon a sitting president!  Imagine that!  And worst of all, how dare anyone make fun of our historic first "black" president!  I hear the Fair announcer and the rodeo clown have been banned forever from the Missouri State Fair, and the hand wringing over the evils of racism will go on for days and days.  [gag, puke]

Keep it firmly in mind that there is only ONE thing you need to consider about OWEBongo.  Forget his policies, his ideology, his piss-poor record, his lack of accomplishments, his penchant for stumbling from scandal to scandal, his total incompetence.  Just remember his SKIN COLOR.  That's it.  That's the ONLY thing that matters!

Anyhow… I could rant on all day about this manchurian candidate who rules over us like Napoleon.  Here's a quote I stumbled over that really resonated with me to the point where I almost resonated my coffee all over the screen!

"Comparing Obama with a rodeo clown is a ridiculous assertion. A rodeo clown would have done his best to save those 4 cowboys in Benghazi."