Neal Boortz on the coming Heathcare power grab

There's a lot of truth in this:

By Neal Boortz @ June 2, 2009 8:32 AM Permalink Comments (9) TrackBacks (0)

It's not health "insurance" we're talking about here; it's a health care payment plan.

Insurance is something you purchase to partially reimburse you for UNEXPECTED expenses related to home or auto ownership, or your health. Your auto insurance policy will step in with some cash for a crash, but not for an oil change or new tires. Your homeowner's insurance will come up with some money for repairs to fire damage, but not to replace your water heater or that 20-year-old roof. There are certain budgetary requirements that come into play when you own a house or a car, and your insurance company would laugh you out of the county if you went to them to be reimbursed for an oil change or having your carpets cleaned.

Why, then, do you think that your health "insurance" should pay for ordinary and expected healthcare expenses? It shouldn't. These are things that you should budget for. But the American people have a different idea. They believe that their health care is someone else's responsibility - either their employer's or the governments. Power-mad politicians are only too glad to pander to that idiotic expectation.

You think the government has control over vast amounts of your life now? Wait until the government controls your health care.

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