Obama continues the practice of pissing off our allies

The Poles aren't too happy with Obama right now.  Seems he referred to "Polish Death Camps".

They are demanding an apology - and rightfully so in my opionion.


Oh my aching back!

Showing someone my rifle in the parking lot of my employer just now apparently frightened some sheeple in a neighboring business.  They felt it necessary to call the Sheriff’s Department who sent out an officer to investigate.

I would dearly LOVE to confront the person who made the call.  But of course Officer Friendly wouldn’t tell me who it was.

UPDATE:  I later learned that the business in question locked their doors until the cops came and calmed their fears!
Baaaaa   Baaaaa  Baaaaa


I love this guy's honesty

I wish I knew where this was - so I could patronize the joint.


Ahhh memories... (not for the squeamish)

A casual discussion about kids a moment ago with a co-worker, happened to mention projectile vomiting. That in turn sparked the following memory that I thought was just TOO good not to share!

I was at a bachelor party being held at a private residence. The young groom was well into his cups and even standing up was a challenge for him. A stripper had been hired to entertain the group, and she was doing a pretty creditable job. She danced her way around the room making sure all the gentlemen guests got at least a little bit of her attention. It was a rough crowd of North Florida rednecks in attendance that evening.

As I recall the girl was blond and pretty, but “big boned” and quite formidable. But again – she was a good sport and kept up a steady stream of jokes and banter as she wiggled and gyrated about the room. Came then the point where she had to switch the focus of her attention to the groom exclusively.

Placing an armless chair in the center of the room, she guided the drunken young man to have a seat therein. From somewhere I know not (being buck-assed naked!) she produced a small bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey. Then she sat on the grooms lap facing him with her legs to either side (sort of a simulated sexual position). Here her intention with the bottle of whiskey became clear – and my feeling of dread began to increase.

Tilting Loverboy’s head backward she coaxed his mouth open and began to pour the straight liquor down his open throat. I’m thinking to myself “Sheeese that’s risky”. No sooner than the thought formed itself in my mind, and scarcely sooner than the booze touched Johnny’s tongue, Madam Striptease was rewarded for her efforts with a quick and powerful stream of projectile vomit – right between her breasts! It came so suddenly that she was caught with the full force of it! Naturally she dashed off (screaming) to the bathroom, and we all guffawed uproariously!

The show was of course irrevocably concluded, and one hell of a memory was formed for all who witnessed it. LOL


The Bank of America Declaration

Go thou and do likewise...  here


Ruminations on the Bonnie Blue Flag

I consider myself generally aware of history. Like everyone I’m more knowledgeable about some parts of our history than others. But in the course of my life I have read small libraries full of history books and it’s a topic that I have a deep and abiding interest in. So it was with no small bit of surprise that I recently learned the history of the Bonnie Blue Flag.

Being a self-reliant sort who firmly believes in being responsible for one’s own self, I am hesitant to place the full blame for my own ignorance on anyone but me. However, since I was born and raised in Northeast Florida, I still can’t help but feel that my (public) school teachers were somehow remiss in not teaching us about a period in Florida’s history that in my opinion was, and is, highly relevant!

Going just a little further along in the flag’s history, I learned of its role in the War Between the States, and the song that it inspired. I’m to understand that The Bonnie Blue Flag was second in popularity only to Dixie among the men who fought for the CSA.

I know one thing, I find myself singing this little ditty more and more. And maybe it’s just the ghosts of my twenty Confederate ancestors tapping me on the shoulder, but when I sing it, I get way more of a sense of pride than any time I might have sung this thing!


4 Hi-tech ways the federal gubmint is spying on private citizens

One of the running jokes in the 1980s was how the former Soviet Union spied on its private citizens. As comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to joke: "In Soviet Russia, TV watches you!" But here in America, we were all safe from the prying eyes of the government.

Fast forward to 2012, when the U.S. government actually has the tools and capabilities to spy on all its citizens. These eyes go well beyond red light cameras. Right now, the government is tracking the movements of private citizens by GPS, reading private citizens' emails, and possibly even reading what you're saying on Facebook. It does so all in the name of law enforcement and Homeland Security, of course — but whether or not that makes you feel safer is up to you.

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