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Squeeze, Baby, Squeeze

by Patricia Neill

I don’t care what you call yourselves, communists or fascists, Democrats or Republicans, Congressmen or Presidents, judges or lawyers, feudal Lords or Monarchs, Multinational Corporations, Friends of the Great Spotted Suck Toad, Gas and Electric Utilities, the Sierra Club, the United Nations or the World Bank. You all have a totalitarian bent and aim for the State to own and control everything and everyone.

You are, in the words of one of the philosophers writing today, moral vultures.

You squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and the more the people of any nation yelp and protest, the more brutal you become.

Good. The more brutal you become, the more the people become aware of your game.

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The Other Mike S. said...

You know what was sad about that? It was written 9 years ago.

The squeezing continues. When do we go, "Pop!"?