Gaa Gaa over Gubmint giveaways

This article, penned by one of the sheep, gushes extensively over the cash-for-clunkers program whereby subjects of The Regime can get a hefty tax credit for their old trade-in ... if the new car gets sufficiently better MPG.

The useful idiot manages to perfectly convey the notion of “Take the Kings shilling, become the King’s man” with this snappy little rejoinder:

"If this is socialism, call me Comrade!"

And herein is EXACTLY the attitude that has empowered the tick which threatens to consume the dog.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. That is why I just bought a Come and Get It Cannon shirt from Rad Right Tees at

Diogenes said...

This is why I had such a hard time accepting the fact that I needed to apply for unemployment for the first time in my 25 years of working.
I still find it hard to swallow.

This is socialism and I can't look at it any other way anymore.