Diversity my ass!

This quote serves as my “inspiration” for making this post:

Obama and Sotomayor stood with Vice President Joe Biden. It was a striking picture of diversity: a black president, a white vice president and a Hispanic nominee to the nation's highest court.

Some gushing moron of a journalist at AP wrote that. And frankly it makes me want to vomit.

Only if you’ve spent the last 30 years in a cave would it be possible to NOT know of modern society’s fixation with the pseudo-virtue of “diversity”. Look at the mission statements of colleges, companies, and agencies and you’ll find its praises being sung virtually everywhere.

But the truth is, diversity for its own sake, is really a sham. To achieve diversity of skin color demands that other more meaningful criteria must be jettisoned. If the melanin content of a person’s skin becomes the most desirable aspect of their persona, then what remains to be said of their intelligence, their integrity, their work ethic, or any one of a dozen other more substantive characteristics? It means they are discounted of course.

I don’t recall the author, but something I once read rightly pointed out that there are no studies, nor any form of empirical data, that in any way validates diversity as a desirable characteristic! Then why is so desirable?

The answer is because of what diversity does: It furthers the socialist-collectivist concept of group identity politics.

It’s the overriding tendency of that ilk to denigrate the individual while lauding virtues of the group; unless of course the group in question is white, Southern, Christian, or conservative.

As a business executive I am quite often called upon to making hiring or firing decisions. My overriding criteria for hiring has always been summed up as “the best person for the job”. I honestly don’t care what the candidate’s color, race, sex, or religion is. I truly don’t care.

And as for “diversity”…well, it doesn’t enter into my mind at all. Let’s hope the EEOC doesn’t find out.


Anonymous said...

I hear he was looking for a transgendered mulatto lesbian of Hispanic origin but he had to settle for her.

GunRights4US said...

And we, by default, must settle for her as well.

By all accounts she's a hardcore judicial activist. Just what you'd expect from the collectivist cabal that rules over us.

The Other Mike S. said...

A couple years back, I did a post about a conference being held for Chief Diversity Officers.

There are actually people whose job is to make sure the tint is correct across the company. How is that not racism?

I'm in the early parts of Atlas Shrugged and they're just starting with the push for the "destroy companies so you have better competition" deal (I forget the name of it). Basically, destroy the top dogs, and share the wealth.

I'm reading this stuff, and it could have been written last year.

We're well on our well to having a uniform poorness across the land. These bastards don't want equal opportunity. They want equal results, regardless of the effort.

Remember when the Israelis turned over Gaza, and left the very impressive Hot Houses? And how the Palestinians just trashed them?

The Palestinians had no "skin" in them. So even though those hothouses employed fellow Palestinians and literally fed the people, there was no sense of value in them, as no effort had been expended in their creation.

We're in the process of turning our country - our hothouses - over to a group that just doesn't give a shit. No effort, no skin, no care.

How's that for diversity training?

GunRights4US said...

I hear ya Mike.

Many years ago I remember a news item where a Vietnamese communist official proclaimed "We have managed to distribute poverty equally"

Well his Marxist buddies in the White House think the same way.