Dad calls 911 on son's messy room

Andrew Mizsak Says He Overreacted

BEDFORD, Ohio -- An Ohio man who argued with his grown son over a messy bedroom said he overreacted when he called 911.

Andrew Mizsak called authorities Thursday after his 28-year-old son -- who's a school board member in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford -- threw a plate of food across the kitchen table and made a fist at him when told to clean his room.

The son, also named Andrew, lives in a room in his parents' basement.

The father declined to press charges and told police he doesn't want to ruin his son's political career.

The son, who also works as a political consultant, said he's lucky to be living in the house rent free. He also promises to keep his room clean.


Could anyone get any sorrier?

It’s hard to tell whether the son or the father is worse. Honestly!

When I was a young man, I yearned to be free of my parents with every fiber of my being. The week I turned seventeen I was down at a Marine recruiter’s office getting signed up. And the week I graduated high school I packed my diddy-bag, kissed mommy on the cheek, and said my goodbyes. Now I did NOT do that merely to be away from home. Au contraire…my purpose was to go join Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and be about the business of killing people and slowing sh*t up. But I was KEENLY aware of being free of the parental domicile.

For a 28 year old man to reside in Daddy’s basement free of charge is just sorry. I cannot think of a more apt description than that. And Dad is equally piss-poor sorry in my opinion. Why did this parent not muster enough care for his son to boot that sorry-ass out of the nest so that he could begin the business of being a self-supporting adult? Maybe he didn’t love the kid enough to discipline him when he was growing up. It would appear that the kid is just spoiled rotten. My my my…America sure has enough of THAT ilk on its hands!

The final coup de grace of utter sorry-ness is the father calling 911 over a dirty room. Now all the world knows that both Dad and Junior have simultaneously reached the proverbial nirvana of sorry-assed-ness. There can now be no further doubt of the complete worthlessness of these two ass-bags. It is part of the official record for all to see.

I believe that if I lived next door to these mouth-breathing wastes of oxygen, I would be compelled to reveal my contempt for them by strolling to the property line and relieving myself on their lawn.

For the record, I hope you made note of the son’s chosen profession. It’s always these types of jackasses who can’t take care of themselves, who are so convinced that they can make the decisions for the rest of us!

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RKL said...

I agree with you, it's difficult to decide who is worse, the son or the father. I think Dad needs to grow a pair and kick little junior out of the house.