This "man" gave up his guns, and provides yet another example of the metrosexual male this country produces today

I have a strong stomach, but this assclown's tale (if it's to be believed) made me want to retch.  To be honest, I couldn't finish reading it.

Why I gave up my guns

"I’m a New Yorker born-and-bred, and unlike the just under half of all Americans who keep guns in their homes, I didn’t grow up with firearms."



m_reichert58 said...

A little training and practice for this a-hole would have him keep his guns. Idiot
Papa Mike

Anonymous said...

He is either a liar with an agenda
Or a coward who would not defend his own life or his girlfriends life.
Either way not much of a man
Paul in Texas

Brock Townsend said...

(if it's to be believed)

Goo point. 100's of hours on the range and he couldn't chamber a round? Pathetic, at any rate it should have already been chambered and ready to go. Posted, I guess......:)

Sparky said...

I'm not going to read it 'cause I just ate but that's a huge problem with our country now: too many girly men populate it.

BTW, I found an interesting website y'all might be interested in: These folks profess TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION from foreign and domestic enemies. I wish I fit the criteria, I'd join.

Lantry said...

I've waited this long to read the post 'cause I've been busy and had no time to be disgusted. I'm glad I waited. The comments pretty much cover anything I feel like saying about the despicable excuse for a man that wrote the article.

Some 25 years ago, four guys converged on my wife's car at a traffic light. She raised her handgun as the first one reached her car door. All four of them scattered. She didn't throw up afterward. She laughed at them.