Fred says it perfectly: No one is EVER going to be left alone again!

Here's an excerpt, but be sure to read the whole damn thing - and mourn for what we've lost.

"A different America, a different culture. We really were free. You could come out of the house on a summer morning and let the dogs run loose in the fields, nobody ever having heard of a dog license. You could change the oil in your car or rewire your basement without the county meddling. You could shoot varmints eating your garden and no one cared. The government left you alone. This is not an unimportant part of the dispute over guns—wanting to be left alone. Nobody in America, ever again, is going to be left alone. Not ever."

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Lantry said...

He's right. They won't leave us alone. "Progressives" have to meddle in everything so they will feel like they have control over their own lives. Their enablers use them to consolidate more power. Its a national form of codependency.