This disconnection between the rulers and the ruled is getting scary

Watch this INSANE video clip of California congressman Pete Starke telling us that "Our borders are quite secure, thank you,"

I've seen politicians act the ass on many occasions, but this man's attitude is utterly outrageous. This is arrogance personified!

I couldn't find the embed code, so please go to this link and watch the video.

Watching that made me LIVID with rage.

What American who believes - really believes - that the government should be the servant of the people, would not be enraged at the absolute arrogance exhibited by this congressman? Can everyone not see that he fancies himself the ruler, and we the ruled?


MikeH. said...

Mel Brooks, in Robin Hood - Men In Tights: "It's good to be the king."


Chief Instructor said...

This SOB has the congressional district that is right near where I live. He is a real piece of work. Arrogance doesn't begin to describe this bastard.

But he keeps getting re-elected time after time. He's one of the longest-serving congressmen.