The new Arizona Law is already having an impact

Hispanics are leaving the state in large numbers!

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Chief Instructor said...

"If I were alone, I'd try to stay. But I have a family, and I have to find a place where we can live with more freedom," said (illegal alien) Cruz, who hopes to move July 4 to blend in with holiday weekend traffic. "This is getting too hard."

Well, we wouldn't want your life to be too difficult while you're committing a crime here in the US.

Come on over to California. We're rich - they don't call us the "Golden State" for nothing!

Try San Francisco, in particular. They're a 'Sanctuary City' and will welcome you with open arms. Bring your friends and their families as well. SF has lots of money and will pay for all of your needs.

Feel free to break any other laws you'd like (aside from your criminal act of sneaking into our country). They have rapes and murders all the time done by illegal aliens, and they practically look the other way.

At least the first few times, until the nasty press writes about it. But that happens so infrequently, I wouldn't worry about it.

Oh, and since you're moving on July 4th - our Independence Day, in case you didn't get the memo - be sure to wear a Mexican flag shirt, play patriotic Mexican music, and wave a Mexican flag while you tell us all about our imperialist country and how we're just crushing the life out of you.

Bienvenido, muchacho!