Too many concealed carry permits will lead to Wild West behavior

At least that's what the anti-2A folks tell us all the time.

Here's the stats on Florida:

Number of Licensees by Type as of November 30, 2009

From 1987 until November 30, 2009 there have been 167 licenses revoked because of improper use of a firearm.

Seems pretty quiet in Dodge City to me!


Anonymous said...

Here in Georgia we have approx. 300,000+ GFL holders since 1989. Not a single incident, to my knowlegede anyhow, of a single murder by a permit holder.

If there is I will correct that.

But it only shows that permit holders are law abiding, and criminals - who are not permit holders are anything but.

idahobob said...

Maybe the hand wringing, bed wetting, little fairies ought to take a realistic look at history.

The "Wild West" wasn't as wild as hollyweird has portrayed it.

"An armed society is a polite society"

Robert A. Heinlein