Hold onto your retirement savings!

Here comes the Imperial Thieving Government with its beady eyes focused on your 401k and IRA. It's simple. They're broke, and they see the trillions in assets in American worker's retirement accounts. So they're going to try to swindle you out of your hard earned retirement money, and get you to take a gubmint IOU instead!

It's not like this is a recent phenomenon. In mid 2008, a propeller head professor named Teresa Ghilarducci spoke to a congressional subcommittee about this very idea. I guess someone has decided the time is right to go forward with their scheme.

We really have a gangster government these days at the local, state and national level. They're either trying to steal your 401k, or they're shaking you down like masked highwaymen by using police to generate revenue through ridiculous amounts of traffic fines.

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