Is he right or wrong?

I disagree that freedom is overrated. He's basically advocating the condition of becoming a sheep!

But I agree that people have willingly exchanged their freedom for security, and the result will be the loss of BOTH freedom AND security.

Why? Certainly not because freedom is overrated. It's because people have been programmed almost from birth to look to government to solve every problem in their lives. And now we've reached the point where there are legions of people who've never really experienced freedom, and don't know what they're missing.


Freedom Strikes Back said...

Well... I disagree. Yes some of the Americans wanted "security" in the British, and choose to be loyal. But many, choose freedom even unto death, and became revolutionaries.

RKL said...

He can speak for himself, he's wrong. Someone ought to point out to him that the financial problems we have today were mostly created by government. These problems have most certainly been made worse by government. Anyone who thinks more government is going to solve the financial problems we have today by the methods they are currently using is in for a rude awakening.