Good Grief! More economics lessons GunRights4US?

Yes! More economics lessons boys and girls! All of us publicly people need to catch up on our economic homework.

First I want you to read Karl Denninger's Weekend Round Up. Take your time - read slowly - and really assess the implications of what he's saying. Your life and your family's lives may depend on it!

Now I want you to read this article entitled Identifying Sure Signs Of The Final Economic Plunge. Again... take your time and absorb the meat of it. It's not vital you understand every detail. It's enough to get the main points:

A. Things are bad and getting worse
B. You are being lied to by your government and its lapdog media
C. Economic laws, like laws of physics, cannot be ignored forever

IT CAN HAPPEN HERE! And it WILL happen here!

Of course... you can always take the blue pill and go back to sleep; happy and doomed in your self-imposed ignorance.

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MikeH. said...

One would think there would be wisdom gained from lessons learned. And some folks don't understand why I get so pissed when I hear others say "history is a waste of my time."