Politcial correctness will ultimately be the death of this country

  • Have you heard about this?

    An American company called Trijicon makes some of the best rifle scopes in the world. And the owners of the company are devout Christians. Now as it happens, Trijicon has been selling these awesome rifle scopes to the US military for many years. And it also happens that they have Bible verse references buried in the model number that appears on each scope.

    Oh the horror!!!

    The troops on the front lines have known about this for years, and in fact many of them refer to guns with Trijicon scopes as “Jesus rifles”.

    Super Duper Double Horror!!!

    Well now, not only is our secular humanist and atheist government stridently against anything that might be construed as unconstitutional (unless it’s something they WANT, in which case – What Constitution?), but they are determined to cling to the ridiculous notion that we aren’t at war with Islam.

    The fact is, we most certainly ARE at war with Islam, and only a fool would think that jihadist fighters from ANY Islamic country could give one hoot in hell about offending Christians with their heathen rhetoric.

    So why the hell are WE worried about offending the very people we’re trying to kill?

    The anti-Christian, God-hating Left in this country is absolutely going bonkers over the Jesus Rifles, and even my beloved Marine Corps is considering ending Trijicon’s contract to provide scopes!

    So… for the sake of political correctness, we will undoubtedly:
    - break our contract with Trijicon and throw a wonderful company into chaos, maybe even bankruptcy
    - stop using one of the best rifle scopes in the world and thus deprive our troops of a fantastic tool they need to fight the war AGAINST ISLAM
    - continue the practice of promoting Islam and vilifying Christianity to the sounds of mocking laughter from both our enemies AND our allies

    These scopes aren’t cheap, but so help me God, by the end of this week, I’m going to buy one!


Anonymous said...

I read this on other blogs yesterday and like you, before weeks end I will be in possesion of my very own scope made by these fine folks , really can't afford it, but also really can't afford not to have one, personally I think all ammo shipped to that theater of operation should be manufactured with some sort or parts from pigs just to insure that everyone of them goes to hell

Freedom Strikes Back said...

I found this pretty interesting as well. You wouldn't even know they were there unless you looked, hard. Apparently this is over one guy getting his panties in a bunch. I hope they hold true and keep the verses on the guns.

Kerry said...

Just wait until ABC news finds out what those ACOG's are used for...

ASM826 said...

Which one are you planning on getting? I was hoping the Marines would replace them all on their rifles and surplus the offensive ones, creating a market for me.

I made a couple of posts about this, but Trijicon has decided to buckle and remove them on future production.

I hope some guy in production is still praying over them as they are being made. I dunno if it helps but I still like the idea.

theotherryan said...

I want one really badly. Will get one next year.