They KNOW what tax cuts will do!

So there’s a new provision in the tax code. If you send donations to Haiti relief right now, the IRS will allow you to deduct those donations on your 2009 tax return.

Why are they doing that?

They want to ENCOURAGE A CERTAIN ACT, i.e. send relief to Haiti.

Here’s the point: THEY KNOW that tax breaks encourage behavior! Conversely, tax burdens DISCOURAGE BEHAVIOR!

They KNOW cutting taxes would stimulate the economy!

They KNOW!


Rev. Paul said...

Of course they know. They just hope WE don't, as they deliberately destroy the economy & the nation.

And what a cutie! Congratulations on Isabelle Lin.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Interesting, to reward folks with tax breaks for giving money to whom they want to give money too

It is amazing how the the Feral Government both at the same time understands free markets, yet do not understand free markets.