Does anyone believe there's any justice in our justice system?

Most Americans who’ve never had a brush with any part of the “justice system” probably tend to think of it as just a slow and cumbersome bureaucracy that no truly innocent person ever needs fear.

The truth of the matter is far removed from the perception that has been created by the multitude of cop shows where in the end justice is always served. In fact, there are certain parts of our system that are as evil and destructive as anything ever devised by the most barbarous rulers in history.

Would it surprise you to discover that uniformed government thugs, once they’ve determined you’re their enemy, will lie or manufacture evidence, even if it means they condemn an innocent man?

Well let me introduce you to Len Savage. Read about his struggle with ATF in this article by James Bovard, and also in Len’s own words. This man is a straight up guy who became the target of a government agency, and now they’re slowly strangling his ability to make a living.


Diogenes said...

Toe the line and speak softly or Big Momma may hear you and want to spank you for being a bad boy.

And the current PTB are making it even BIGGER.

Too big to fail?

The ATF is going to be something of the fulcrum point in the near future, especially if they are able to get this healthcare crap passed so that they can also declare us all 'mentally handicapped' and unsuitable to own firearms. (and that is just the excuse they need to get the general public to swallow it without gagging.)

Anonymous said...

No, I don't. All that matters is 1. How much money they can extract as "fines, surcharges, more surcharges and fees.", 2. Getting a conviction any way possible to include intimidation etc. regardless of facts, and 3. How humble and submissive they can make the defendant.

Truth, Justice and intent have no place in our courts anymore.
It's past time to clean house!