Announcing the birth of my first grandchild...

My granddaughter, Isabelle Lin GunRights4US, was born today at 2:23 pm EST by cesarean section. She is a healthy 8.5 pounds, 19.5 inches, and has thick brown hair and blue eyes. Baby and mother are doing wonderfully. Pictures to follow shortly.

My son is swollen with pride and tears of joy and humility are even now streaming down his face. And his old man, though having been through this before, is still struck at the awesome miracle of birth.

Our Thanks to Almighty God for his grace and goodness.


Freedom Strikes Back said...

Congratulations to your new family member. Love her name!

YeOldFurt said...

Sounds like a wonderful little girl!!

kdzu said...

You are in for a joyous ride. Children are great, but you can hand grandchildren back to their parents.
Just kidding. We have six and if we could we'd never let them go home.
May God Bless her, her parents and Grand Parents.

idahobob said...

All right!!

Several years ago, I discovered the joys of grand parenting. It is probably the greatest joy that I have.

Currently, have 12 of the little heathens, ranging from 13 years to 1 month....and love 'em all the same.


stbaguley said...

Oh yeah it's good. The "grandpa" title takes only a very little getting used to. Wear it with pride and enjoy the ride (and the giving of rides).

Shy Wolf said...

Congratulations, Grampa- may Isabelle live long and fruitfully in a country that is free, blessed by God and governed with impartiality in all aspects.