Some more thoughts on the passing scene:

I tell ya dear reader, things are looking pretty poorly these days; poorly enough that your esteemed author is plumb depressed at how things are going. I’m looking hard for something to be enthusiastic about - but doggone if I can see anything worth a hoot!

That racist, leftist, no-doubt socialist, most certainly sexist Sotomayor person is likely to plant her heinous hinny on the bench down at Constitution-trampling headquarters. Is there any doubt that soon she’ll be adding her own footprint upon that over-trodden doormat that was once our law of the land?

That pusillanimous herd of pussy-willows (formerly known as Republicans) on the Senate judiciary committee, is not making any real noises like they’ll attempt to block her appointment.

And our energetic defender of the Second Amendment, the NRA, has finally joined the fray over Sotomayor’s appointment. I tried to get a sense of their “serious concerns” by reading the letter they sent the Senate today. I wasn’t impressed. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on television, so the legalese gobbledy-gook I found there didn’t exactly warm the cockles of my heart. Know what I mean?

Sadly Obama & Clinton Inc. are still coming down on the side of the dictators in the case of Actual Constitutional functionality a la Honduras style. Nothing short of sickening in my humble view. PrezBo is demanding the legitimate president to step aside for a slimy socialist charlatan, and in so doing he’s in near verbatim agreement with Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and The Raul & Fidel Show! Makes ya kinda want to heave doesn’t it?

The Great Pretender himself just returned from Russia where he was playing patty cake with the former KGB thug, and indications are that in typical liberal democrat fashion, he gave the flippin farm away! I believe I even heard him express the sentiment that “America wants a strong Russia.” OoooooKayyy! Does anyone remember when the adults ran the show?

The price of gold is down. This one doesn’t worry me too all-fired much however. I know that massive inflation is coming soon, because economic law demands it. And PrezBo and the Federal Reserve can NOT overcome those laws any more than they can overcome the law of gravity. So eventually my precious metals holdings will become the inflation hedge I planned for.

Even if you use the government’s deliberately distorted unemployment numbers, at over nine percent right now, anyone with half a brain realizes that we’re in trouble as a nation. Personally I believe nine percent to be an understatement. The Imperial Gubmint (which has raised the art of lying to a science) has cooked the stats and regularly feeds us nonsense in order to forestall any civil unrest. But there’s coming a day when even the most blinded democratic acolyte will see that things are really bad. What happens on the day that entitlement checks start bouncing?

In the sense of “fairness” I suppose I ought to list at least one or two good things. Let’s see, ammo availability is returning, and that’s a good thing. If I wasn’t so strapped, I’d buy some.

Oh, and I didn’t get selected to attend Michael Jackson’s funeral! That’s certainly a good thing. They might have had to restrain me when that racist huckster Al Sharpton got up to speak. Kicking his sorry ass would give me great pleasure! In fact, just the thought of it brings a smile to my face.

Ah well…time to trudge onward.

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MikeH. said...

I have pinned my hopes quite high thinking the conservative masses may soon reach the boiling point and wear out several pairs of kneecaps in a liberal ass kicking paloosa. I would really love to see a comeback of sanity, in what was once the Republic of America, in what remains of my lifetime.
I think it's time for us to stop watching the passing scene (er, ah, freak show), take the lead and direct it down the path the Founders intended... Or die trying