A smoking ban being considered for the US military

So the latest move by our overload Nanny State is to announce they’re considering banning smoking in the military. The rationale they’re offering is the potential savings in health care costs, and I wont dispute that would probably be ONE result of such a policy. But consider what the possible costs could be of talented people leaving the service, or opting to never join in the first place.

Now consider the implications for we in the civilian world. It’s almost a given that some form of “universal healthcare” aka socialized medicine is coming down the pike. How we can avoid this with the current crop of statists in power I have no idea. So then the idea that they will proscribe or prescribe certain behavior because of the costs involved should give everyone cause to sit up and take notice.

The collectivists are linking their unstoppable will to control every aspect of YOUR life with the power of modern technology. Supercomputers, hi-tech surveillance, data mining etc., are allowing them to implement their nefarious schemes in such a fashion that would have made Stalin proud! And don’t think for a moment that they’ll be dissuaded by a little political resistance. These people are honestly convinced they can bring about a social utopia using government control.


I don't smoke myself, but if I did smoke and I was in a combat zone, I'd like to see you try and get my cigarette away from me!


Anonymous said...

I heard that on the news, and was filled with revulsion. I know when I was aboard ship, and I was a hell of a lot, smoking and coffee were about the only pleasures you had. For some fat assed bureaucrats to be trying to force their values on the military is sick beyond belief. I can not see the services paying any attention to something so stupid even if the civil service leeches manage to get some law passed.

idahobob said...

Ya know, I used to smoke, I just do not, anymore.

When I was in the Green Machine, one of the greatest stress relievers was lighting one up. The euphoric feeling with that first drag. Field stripping the butt.

Those famous words, "Light 'em up if you got 'em, bum 'em from your buddy if ya don't".

I just cannot believe that these nincompoops do not have anything else to do but screw with our service man and women.

They cannot do anything correct from allowing a pretender to occupy the White House, to balancing the Budget, or limiting the size and scope of the Fedgov, according to the limits put upon itself, by the Constitution.

I see that I am beginning to rant, uncontrollably, so I will be quiet and pull back into my bunker.


GunRights4US said...

Rant your heart out Bob. This latest outrage has me foaming at the mouth as well!

The Other Mike S. said...

I have smoked for the past (geez!) 30 years. I am considering quitting primarily so I don't end up in Nanny's care. The thought of being under the total control of some hospital bureaucrat is actually more repulsive to me than the thought of lung cancer.

We all keep saying it: It's all about control. If they can find even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant crumb to latch on to, they'll do it. Pretty soon, there's no "you" left.

Diogenes said...

Someone in the Pentagon has a pair and a braincell.

The Pentagon has basicly told the FEDGOV to stick this one back in the hole that they pulled it out of and forget trying to push stupidity on those that volunteered to get shot at in nasty environments.