I can't turn loose this Honduras thing

Now you might ask "Guns...why are you obsessing over this Honduras thing?"

Well because it clearly reveals the attutitude of the current US administration towards the rule of law. It also clearly reveals the willingness of the main-stream media to spin the news on the White House's behalf.

Both of these things are frightening in my opinion.

Go read this. It's your "Must Read" of the day. Oh and here is another must read article on the same topic.


Rio Arriba said...

In the Time of Kings, monarchs— even deadly enemies— stuck together on the issue of the deposition or execution of an "anointed" ruler. They knew they needed to present a united front against those who would dare to remove them from power.

A curious parallel, no?

GunRights4US said...

I've seen that phenomenon myself at times in the past. But this is a clear case of an ideological soulmate taking the least from Castro's, and Chavez's and Obama's perspective. They're all socialists!