As expected... THEY won't have the same healthcare WE will

This should come as no shock to anyone: Congress has exempted itself from virtually every piece of legislation it has ever written. There’s absolutely no reason to think that under the new “transparent” administration of BO that anything would suddenly change – for the better. Now they have exempted themselves from being subject to the same “wonderful” universal healthcare system the rest of America will have to endure, at the point of a gun if need be!

It seems that they will continue to use FEHB.

Oh but some fearless republican has sponsored a Non-Binding Resolution in response to this crap. Wow (Yawn) ...a non-binding resolution... wow. My my my.

Doesn’t Gubmint just give you this warm wet feeling down your back?

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The Other Mike S. said...

Well I'm just shocked. It's almost like they think they're better than the rest of us dolts.

I'm sure it's just an oversight that will be corrected before it's voted on. After all, they know what's best.

"Change We Can Believe In" - my ass.