50 year old cartoon accurately predicted the future!


Diogenes said...

of course the Dept of Education(set up in 1981 I believe) would never have approved that cartoon since its
"propoganda". When things like this stopped being taught in schools we started down the road to where we are now. Who knew that it would only take 2 1/2 decades to get here. Sad to see but not surprising.

Wish I had some solid answers to correct things but I don't and most days I believe that we are on the road to another 'civil war'. only time will tell. I prepare for the worst and strive for the best. Unfortunately there are 53% of the population out there that want this "change"

GunRights4US said...

They were determined to replace our propaganda with their own. And using modern mass media they've been wildly successful in molding the views of millions.

I loved the part where the politician's head was replaced with a record player playing "everything's fine, everything's fine".