idahobob said...

Yeah, that's what they claim. They also claim that guns are responsible for killing people.



Diogenes said...

we know all of the arguments. they went after the guns and we threw it back at em. now they are going after pocket knives. next is baseball and softball bats, tennis rackets, cookware knives, and rocks(over one pound that is)
Even then it wouldn't be enough to keep them safe from us so then they would have to segregate us and lock us away in places where we weren't a danger to ourselves or the rest of society. With the universal healthcare it won't take much to have all of us RWC/Gun nuts declared mentally unstable and therefore not allowed to own anything like a firearm or pocketknife or a car or a house or be allowed to have our children live with us(because we might be contagious).

Keep your eyes open. these are just the ranging shots for the real salvos coming our way