A Fouth of July Rant

The Fourth of July is here, and it’s time for all the sunshine patriots to break out their American flags and BBQ grills. Very few of them will give even a passing thought to the meaning of freedom. And those who do think about it will likely ascribe to a much scaled down version of what freedom really means.

My countrymen have undergone a change in their character over the last few generations such that the old virtues of thrift, industry, self-reliance and hardy independence have all given way to pseudo-virtues like diversity, groupthink and tolerance. Today, freedom is defined as watching what you want to on TV (even though it’s all equally garbage), or freedom to kill the unborn (as if you weren’t free to keep your panties on to begin with) or freedom to live where you want (until you try to build something on “your” property without the government’s permission).

In my youth freedom was so much more than these things. The freedom I am accustomed to came with responsibility. But in 2009 responsibility only seems to come into play in the context of a lawsuit. Someone ELSE is responsible for your mistakes we are repeatedly told.

Political correctness, government intrusion, and earth worship disguised as environmental awareness all rule the consciousness of the typical American today. In schools where we are taught WHAT to think rather than HOW to think, our precious children are indoctrinated to rely on government rather than on themselves. So it’s no wonder that young Americans are quick to trade their liberty in exchange for security.

There’s a War on Drugs which has been perverted into a war on civil liberties and rights. There’s a War on Poverty, which has morphed into an assault on capitalism. The War on Terror has been renamed because our leaders are too wussified to actually name our enemy aloud (that would be Islam – ALL Islam, since it’s ALL radical). Although it hasn’t been announced as such, there’s a war on guns going on, and that’s because our leaders make no distinction between patriots who cling (bitterly) to the constitution, and terrorists who crash planes into office buildings.

As far as I am concerned, the US government is every bit as dangerous as the fanatical muslims who crave our death. The government wants to enslave us, and it is here among us with the will and the power to do exactly that. And we’re letting it execute those plans with hardly a whimper. Case in point: There was a TEA party in my town Friday night. A town with a population of over a million, and less than 1,000 showed up to protest! And there wasn’t a peep about it mentioned in the local news.

So today the average American will wave his flag, eat some hot dogs and drink a cold beer, and fancy himself a patriot. But he pays little or no attention to the corruption in Washington that has spread like a cancer down to the state and local levels. He’ll watch the lying TV reporters as they say there’s an economic recovery on the way or lend their support to the next round of “stimulus” spending. He’ll send his child to the government mandated youth indoctrination camp when it reopens in the Fall, and eventually when the Republic completely collapses and balkanizes into something unrecognizable, he’ll wonder what happened.

May God have mercy on the USA. May God spare the Republic.

“I know not what course others may take, but as for me: Give me Liberty or give me death!”

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