idahobob said...

Doesn't matter, either scenario gets the same response, LOTS of lead!
Keep firing until ammo in magazine is expended, reload and if any of the perps show any sign of life, re-engage.

I want my DW and I to be the only living witnesses......PERIOD.


Anonymous said...

Either way, you have an ugly situation on your hands.

Diogenes said...

we had a recent home invasion here in Cincinnati where the perps were posing as Police and robbed a man of his life savings.

Lead, lots of it, no remorse. The police should know that there isn't a difference to warrantless entry or a breaking and entering.

My response will be the same to either.

GunRights4US said...

If ever I have an assault to my castle by ANY forces, I will reckon my life is done ANYWAY, and may as well FIGHT LIKE BLAZEN HELL!

Freedom Strikes Back said...

My philosophy is: "Kill them all, God will recognize his own" Arnald Amalric--1208.