Car dealer lectures CNN reporter on the 2A & God

This dealer is giving away AK-47's with the purchase of a new truck, and it's fun to watch him lecture the info-babe on the second amendment and God. He had a good answer for every silly question this broad raised! If I lived within 150 miles of this dealership, I'd be there buying a truck tomorrow.

Btw...did you notice the info-babe's constant refrain, in one form or another, of "some people might be offended"? Hey CNN... some people are definitely offended by those who try and say we can't defend ourselves! And if there's going to be shooting, I want the biggest round, and the biggest magazine capacity I can get! Cause I intend to WIN! So stop whining about AK-47s. (Actually I want something bigger than what the AK shoots)

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Anonymous said...

where is this dealership at? I want to buy a new truck if only to piss off CNN