Too Stupid to Breathe

Why is America becoming a tyranical police state?  Because our dumb-asses WANT it that way!

Nineteen surveys which prove that much of America can't pour piss out of a boot!

Our goose is SO cooked.


Lantry said...

Yep. Our "education system" is set up to turn out semi-literate morons and it gives passing grades to people who can't even make that standard. They don't teach Civics anymore so hardly anyone in the last generation or two knows anything about what makes the USA different and better than anything that came before or since. No logic. Nothing about how to think coherently. Hell, they are taught that what Marx, Lenin and Stalin believed is good and what Jefferson, Washington et. al. thought is bad because they are just a bunch of dead white men. All they are taught anymore is racism and "the government will take care of you."

Chief Instructor said...

C'mon, Guns, don't be so mean. All of these mouth-breathers are too busy filling out the paperwork for free phones, free food, free housing, free clothing, etc., to be bothered with silly ideas like personal responsibility and freedom.

The "free" in freedom means work, and they just can't be bothered. They'll just let someone else tell them how to think and act.