Something damn sure isn't right!

Ghost32 makes one hell of an observation!

Speaking in reference to the Marine murdered in his own home by the PIMA county SWAT team:

It's going to take some extremely serious evidence to convince this old cowboy that Guerena deserved a shoot-on-sight order, with or without a weapon in his hand. Our troops in Afghanistan are not allowed to shoot bomb-planting terrorists unless the terrorists shoot first, yet here in America the police are authorized to mow down (without warning) a citizen in his own home who hasn't even taken the safety off his rifle?

Read the whole thing. It's on target!

Ordered his wife and baby into the closet, and then was shot 60 times IN HIS OWN HOME!


Anonymous said...

Almighty God hear my prayer:

When the day comes that I must face the masked, black uniformed murderers who are paid with the coins taken from my own pocket, I pray you make me fierce as a tiger. May the tears of their families fall like rain over the price I have demanded of them.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Amen.

Watch for the "canary" effect: first they came for ___________, then they came for __________, etc. ...

Anonymous said...

Hope the widow bankrupts every daMN ONE OF THE COPS AND THEIR CHIEF TOO.

GunRights4US said...

To Anon @1223

Bankrupt them? My friend - that punishment simply hurts the taxpayers. I want to see the son's of bitches without a job, and behind bars!