I am an aggressive driver, I admit it

I have to admit that I am prone to road rage. There are certain behaviors among drivers that absolutely drive me nuts! Driving too slowly in the lefthand lane, tailgating, and two cars driving side by side for long distances are some of the things that tempt me to throw caution to winds and crash my vehicle into the offender.

This article from the National Motorists Association really spelled it out pretty well.

Are you a Clover Driver?

I think this paragraph hit the nail directly on the head:

The true Clover, you see, is not merely a bad driver. He is a bad driver on a tear; angry at the world and in particular, anyone who who doesn’t view the world in through Clover-colored glasses. That would be anyone who doesn’t automatically worship The Law (any law; every law) or who isn’t consumed by a desire to make sure everyone else obeys The Law.


Son of Liberty said...

yankee driver

blackdog said...

I look in the mirrors as much as I look ahead. But, I do give bicycles a wide berth.

GunRights4US said...

Yep. Same here. Mirrors are monitored closely. And bikers are not 'shaved' when passed.

But those tailgaters!! GRRR